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We all are busy in our life with our current occupation. However, everyone is looking for progress and we keep thinking about a better tomorrow. That betterment will come only when there is enough effort that is being invested in the direction of our goals.

I would like to compare an Individual with any organization. Let’s understand, Why the organization is able to run the business and achieve profits and success.

Organizations are known for investing Time/Money/Knowledge/Efforts in the right direction once they have a clear understanding of their organizational goals. They always do a great self-evaluation exercise to know about their strengths/weaknesses, how far they are standing from the goal and what they have to do reach the goal. They put a continuous effort in reaching that goal by getting all the employees together. All of these is called and Project. They are many developed methodologies for project management.

When we talk about an individual, we don’t take our short term goals so seriously. It’s like an option. We are ok to live with whatever we have even though we know that we will have a better feeling after finishing our short term goals. Many times we will even have Career and Financial growth which is much more rewarding.

As we mentioned in one of our articles

Power of consistency in our day to day life. None of us thought this in our schools that, consistency will make things easy and achievable.

  1. The reason why students are able to go to next Classes / Universities just because of their consistent effort in going to classes to finish the course. This consistency is enforced by parents on children or youth to make sure they are able to find a perfect job to make money.
  2. The reason why employees are getting paid is that they are consistent in performing their work.
  3. The reason why employees get better opportunities is they consistently invest time in improving their skillets.
  4. The reason business owner continue their profits and grow is because they are consistent in making better decisions in work and investments.
  5. Athletes spend consistent efforts in their practice and they achieve success.
  6. The reason why scientists are able to work on breakthrough innovations is because of their consistency in trails/studies.

We are here to make your success journey easier by making your Personal Goal as a “Personal Project” and we will be with you throughout the signed up journey by teaching you being more consistent and tracking your activities and suggest and motivate you in the right direction to reach your goal.

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Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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