The Compound Effect by Derren Hardy – Upskillshare book summary

The compound effect by Darren Hardy this book is about building small habits that when compounded with time equate to a radical difference here’s the formula small and smart choices with consistency and time equals radical difference we live in a world today where a lot of people are focused on instant gratification they want results right away the reality is that most things in life that are really worthwhile come through gradual change through gradual habits and if you find yourself in a situation right now where you want to change your life around toand you look around and you look for solutions to the problem because of marketing you’ll often find instant gratification solutions that’s because this is what we are interested in buying we want things to happen fast but like I said the reality is that anything worthwhile takes time it takes discipline and it takes daily consistency doesn’t matter if you’re trying to create wealth or you’re trying to build a ideal body or if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to build relationships or improve your communication skills everything in life that’s worthwhile takes time but the good news is you can change your habits today and it starts with small habits it’s the things you do everyday that move you towards a positive direction that with time produces results now there are times where things happen really fast there’s no doubt about that you can have an opportunity then when you execute upon it will produce results really fast but that also comes as a result of being in the right place in the right time and you find yourself in the right place in the right time through consistency so the more good smart choices you make the more you’ll find yourself in opportunistic situations the better you’ll be equipped to execute upon those opportunities and you will be able to enjoy a balance of increased growth spurts that happen really fast and the benefit of the long-term gradual increase and you’ll also find a lot of enjoyment in the process this is because when you build momentum and that momentum continues to grow you’ll find yourself in flow State which is a state of mind where skill meets challenge and it’s from this place where you’ll find a lot of joy and happiness and not only that you’ll be getting results and the results will be increasing every day so again adjust the philosophy of small smart choices with consistency and time to get that radical difference and you can start today no matter where you are with your habits you can change them around today and the key is to start small so this book is broken up into five parts here and when I discuss each of the five parts we’re going to start with choices everything in your life exists because you first made a choice about it think about that wherever you are in your life right now most likely you are there because of a choice you made and that choice could have been made 5 years ago 10 years ago 15 years ago 20 years ago that little choice that you made sent you down on a different direction and the more consistent you were on that choice it resulted in the outcome that you have today whether it’s positive or negative if you’re in great shape for example or you’re really young you’re like 17 years old and you go out and you get a Big Mac and you eat that down nothing is really going to change within the 5 minutes to follow you might feel a little sluggish or you might feel happy that you had something good to eat that tastes really good but it’s not going to change your life around however if you eat a Big Mac every day for 10 years or 15 years and you don’t exercise and the rest of you died is not good then you’re probably going to end up obese or you’re probably end up with some kind of issue like a disease or something so with the compound effect Little things is where the devil’s at the devil is in the details now the positive is also in the details for example say when you were 19 you exercised everyday would your body change right away the following week probably not would your cardiovascular go up dramatically probably not would your blood lipids or whatever the measurements used to measure health go up right away probably not but if you do it consistently over the course of one year five years 10 years you would notice that you would be radically different compared to everyone else your agethe next level so again taking it to the doesn’t mean that you push everything for radical change tonight but rather that you change small little habits that build momentum and you repeated every single day and you do it with consistency and you give it time so that a year from now 2 years from now 5 years from now there’s a radical difference radical difference in health wealth happiness relationships whatever it is that you want to improve on remember you make the choices and your choices make you a lot of times we want to blame the environment and people for our situation the reality is that a lot of times we have a choice it’s just easier to blame everything else it’s harder to take responsibility so start today by recognizing that you have full responsibility for everything that happens to you in your life and make the choice to make the right decision if you were going to have the junk food for lunch change that decision today and pick something healthy like I said it’s not going to make a radical difference after that but if you start that movement and you moving that direction and you remain consistent on that tomorrow and the day after the results will be outstanding over the course of months years and even decades every decision no matter how slight alters the trajectory of your life you are where you are today because of a small decision that had a snowball effect that you made at some point in your life whether it’s positive or negative so the key is to make really small positive directions choose to think positively to act positively to do things that move you forward don’t waste your time debating with people about things don’t matter that don’t matter but instead invest your time in consuming information that empowers you and more importantly in consume information that empowers you to think in this perspective you think about the little things that you’re doing every single day and motivating yourself to make the little changes that have the big impact for most of us it’s the frequent small and seemingly inconsequential choices that have great concern so what this means is that there are things that you’re doing right now that might not be impactful in a negative way tomorrow but yet you’re doing it knowing that if you did it consistently over time you are going to get a negative result this could apply in your health fitness relationship business and the idea is that we always think that we can change it tomorrow so you know what we’re just going to get away with it today but the reality is that that wires are bringing for habitual behavior and it becomes harder to break so choose daily gratitude one of the things is when you realize that when you are on this pathway where you’ve done a lot of things that aren’t beneficial it’s you can be hard on yourself and the reality is that you got to be more forgiving of yourself you shouldn’t really punish yourself for being where you are today be grateful that you have an opportunity right now and you’re in a certain place where you can change things around no matter where you are today you can change things around and make it positive you can move towards a positive direction and it starts by appreciating that here you are right now and you have this understanding that you can do it and you have the capability to do it and you have the opportunity to do it no matter how drastic it may seem when your life changes around you start small so that when the trickle effect kicks in the momentum builds up the big steps get taken easily but you have to start with small steps I take 100% responsibility for everything I experience completely all so that when the trickle effect kicks in momentum builds up the big steps get taken easily but you have to start with small steps I take 100% responsibility for everything I experience completely owning all my choices and all the ways I respond to whatever happened to me I hold the power one of the important aspects of life is to believe and internalize and realize that you have the power in earlier stages of life because we’re brought up in environments where we have to rely on people because we’re younger and we’re not as well understood or versed in the world we give the power onto others to make decisions for us this can be positive and it could be negative as we grow and you become wiser we have to realize that we are more responsible for everything that happens to us in our life we are responsible for what happens and that gives us a tremendous amount of power we hold the power for change and nothing in life has any meaning unless you give it meaning

so choose to give it an empowering meeting a meaning that gives you choices that can move you the direction that you want so by taking responsibility by first saying I accept 100% responsibility and they will never blame or never pass the responsibility on to anyone else you recalibrate your brain for a chance to move in a positive direction and you acquire the power back you take the power back what you want is to hold the power do not give the power to anyone else and the best way to hold the power is to assume 100% responsibility when you assume 100% responsibility you’re better equipped to make better choices he talks about getting lucky well there’s a formula for getting lucky so here’s the formula number one is preparation which is personal growth which is consistently and constantly improving your and preparing yourself and your skills knowledge expertise relationships and resources everyday plus attitude which is your belief and mindset of seeing situations conversations and circumstances as fortuitous or opportunities not seeing it as something negative and not seeing it as disadvantageous the belief that things are always working in your favor this could be a radical belief because a lot of people don’t think this way but you have to think this way if you want to assume 100% responsibility and you want to keep the power in your hands plus opportunity being able to see a good thing when it comes your way if you’re positive and you’re always keeping your mind open for possibilities you’ll be able to better recognize an opportunity if you’re consistently doing the good habits every day you’re going to find yourself in situations where you’re going to have more opportunity and then action doing something about it speed of implementation ideas are useless unless you can act upon them unless you act upon it an idea doesn’t mean anything and you must act upon it right away as soon as you get that idea act upon it right away if it’s something that you know is viable something that you know will produce results actually right away because not only will that get that ball moving but it will also train your brain to become the kind of person who takes action and doesn’t talk about it in today’s world a lot of people spend far more time talking about things rather than doing things it’s far more important to do things than it is to talk about it because nowadays we have more information that we can handle simply talking about it you’ll just find that you’re not really going to get anything done and you’re not going to be able to understand and implement optimization which comes as a result of taking action so it’s best to take action on the information that you get and then from the response you get from the environment figure out the optimizations and go and learn that and then act upon that and keep going because this is how you create luck cuz this is the formula right here if you apply it you create your own luck let’s talk about this right here he calls it your secret weapon your scoreboard first of all you have to know exactly what you want whatever area of life that you’re choosing to get success in you have to have a clear mental visual image of what it is that you want to achieve and next what you need to do is track your behavior you have to keep a record of your progress so you can do a journal or a behavior log which is something that I like to do which essentially the way it works is I observe my behaviors and how I think throughout the day and ask myself if my behaviors and my thoughts are moving me towards my objective or not if they’re not I readjust the stories I tell myself readjust the behaviors and I move forward if they are I figure out they are moving before I figure out how to do them better how to amplify them so they have more effect how to do more of them how to scale them you got to keep the spreadsheet to be able to track your finances your progress that you’re making in your health and fitness or you could use one of the tracking apps that are available on your phone I like to use a combination of both I use a spreadsheet to track my finances and use tracking apps to track my food consumption and my exercise progress so it’s important to track and analyze the data from your actions because that’s how you’ll find optimizations so when you take action and you go towards the right direction any type of action you’ll find yourself in a situation where you realize you can optimize those actions and you can make consistent optimal actions as the days progress one of the best ways to do this is to analyze the data from your actions most people don’t take note of the data from the actions that they take

professionals use stats for example baseball players sports they use stats to be able to track where players performance is peak where it’s slowing and figure out how to do the optimizations and the training or whatever else they have to change when it comes to that player to get them to the optimal space based on the stats and we have to be able to think that way too we have to have proper reporting in place so we can report to ourselves all the things that are working and all the things that are not one of the things that I like to do is every Sunday I look at all the data from my week in my business my personal life in my health and fitness etc all the areas that are important to me and I report back to myself to analyze and figure out what I need to do better next week most people do not take the time and they don’t treat themselves like an entire organization like it’s some kind of corporate structure they don’t treat themselves like that because they are not as serious about the growth now to each their own but if you want to be able to get the most success from whatever area of your choice you have to create a reporting structure that you’re able to see all the data and analyze that data that you’ve been learning and from there be able to figure out what you need to do as the weeks and months to follow this gets you educated decisions and the educated decisions can come in the form of what to study next what to learn next what to do next who to consult with next and what to essentially get as the next step based on the data that you have from your optimizations and your analysis of your actions and the way you feel and etc that’s what’s going to give you the educated decision as to what you need to do next so here are the things that I track in my life I track my time cuz I want to know where all my time is going I realize and we all do only have 24 hours a day and I want to make sure I’m optimal in all those times I tracked my social and business communications cuz I want to make sure that my communication skills are improving I want to be able to do better deals I want to be able to build more solid friendships I want to improve my relationships and the way I do this is by tracking the response I get from people through implementing different communication and social strategies I track my yes because I want to continue growing in my health and fitness realm I want to build more muscle I want to improve my cardio I want to ensure that my body fat stays low I want to be able to have more flexibility I want to continuously improve these areas so I track all my progress to make sure that this progress happening every week I also track what I eat I track the calories that I eat the proteins the fats the the carbohydrates and water that I drink because I want to make sure that I’m feeding my body if I’m going to think effectively in produce results in my business for example then the food that I put into my body is very important it’s the fuel so I want to make sure that the food that I put in is healthy food that is going to help me move towards my goals and if I notice that my weight is fluctuating or I feel tired or sluggish and then I can relate it back based on the reporting and make it educated decision as to what needs to be done about my food the same thing applies to finances I track every expense I track all my income track the trends and I can project when income is going to be coming in I can project my expenses are coming up more so than I was able to before having a spreadsheet so you got to be able to track everything and not just that track every financial aspect of your business or your career because that’s how you’re able to know if you’re making progress and how to optimize it so you can increase the progress that you’re making I also track my thinking and I’m in my emotions I mentioned earlier I have a journal or a behavior log I call it and essentially I’m tracking my thinking and my emotions throughout the day because I realized that my thinking drives my actions and my emotions can drive my thinking so I want to make sure that I’m thinking and I’m feeling the right emotions to keep me on an upward trajectory keep it slow and easy start by tracking one habit per week this may seem overwhelming when I’m telling you about all these things that I’m tracking but understand that I started many years ago and I started my tracking one thing I first started my tracking my finances and then I realized that after tracking my finances how you do one thing is how you do everything so I got to make sure that every area of my life is in sync with that so I was able to track those other things one week at a time a one month at a time I would put new tracking systems in place and would allow me to get better reporting so I can make the educated decisions based on it but it didn’t happen overnight so it’s important to commit to yourself today that you’re going to track at least one of the habits but you’re doing right now and you’re going to create a log you’re going to create a spreadsheet or you’re going to create something that is going to be able to gather the data of the progress you’re making over the days and weeks and months to come and figure out what needs to be optimized from there and then from there be able to add more tracking and analytics to everything that you do so that’s choices next it’s the habits because it’s your choices that you make that govern the actions that you take and the repeat actions that you take form habits Aristotle wrote we are what we repeatedly do so I’m going to say that again we are what we repeatedly do it’s not what you do once in a while it’s what you do predominantly that governs the most results you get the output of the actions or the results essentially of what you get Webster defines habit this way and acquired mode of behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary so essentially habits make you automatic a lot of the habits that I’ve built in my 20s have become automatic in my 30s and the more I realize this I say you know what more positive habits and less negative habits so the more I form these habits the more I become automatic and I find myself automatically behaving behaving a certain way I don’t need a lot of discipline I don’t need any discipline to go to the gym every morning that has been a habit that’s been wired into my brain for the last 3 years I’ve been consistent I just wake up and I go because it feels weird if I don’t so I don’t really need to force myself or convince myself to to go to the gym I go to the gym even on holidays it doesn’t matter I’m going to go because it’s an automatic behavior but it’s an automatic positive behavior in the same thing applies for business skills communication skills whatever it is you want to make those habits automatic and those habits become automatic when you are consistent or those actions become habits which become automatic when you are consistent psychological studies reveal that 95% of everything we feel think do and achieve is a result of a learned habit so again 95% of everything we feel think do and achieve is a result of a learned habit so you can learn to have positive habit no matter where you are right now in your life and you can be consistent on those habits which will change the results that you get ideally routine built on good habits is a difference that separates the most successful amongst us from everyone else so a daily routine is something that you put in place that incorporates the best behaviors for me I make sure that I exercise 5 days a week I it’s in a daily routine I meditate I eat predominantly well and during the weeks Monday to Friday I eat on point of my diet Saturday and Sunday or maybe Friday night I might relax a little bit but for the most part my habits are to eat properly and then I start work at a certain time I work on certain business activities I’m disciplining myself to make sure that I’m doing highest and best use of this business activities and in the starting was hard but over time it gets better and better and what happens is that the results change I also dedicate time every day for social and communication interaction building relationships and so forth because that’s important too I don’t neglect any part of my life because I realize that if I neglect it any part of my life that’s important to me I’ll have to play catch up later on and while I can’t be perfect I try to focus on doing the best that I can so for the most part things to tend to be very good if you understand how to fit the things that are important to you as part of your daily routine think your way out of an instant gratification trap so I remember this I remember I mentioned this earlier in the video talking about instant gratification we live in a world today that actually encourages instant gratification behavior but that’s not the route to success well you need to do is develop the ability to delay instant gratification it’s time to wake up and realize that the habits you indulge in could be compounding your lie into repeated disaster okay so instant gratification for the most part leads you into disastrous situation you’ve got to set up routines and processes in place and remove yourself from distractive situations that take you down an instant gratification trap and consistently do things that are positive that move you forward build momentum on it so that you can prevent yourself from finding situations where you are moving towards instant gratification

finding your mojo your why power your choices are only meaningful when you connect them to your desires and dreams simply trying to be fit for the sake of being fit or simply trying to make money for the sake of trying to make money is not going to be beneficial you have to attach it to a greater desire your purpose your dreams the feeling the imagine imagine feeling the results that you feel when you’re able to create the result of the outcome from the money that you’re able to make and or the fitness how you will feel when you are in a certain situation when you’re in great health and fitness when you look great it’s those things that give meaning to why you do what you do and are going to motivate you is that essentially you’re why to do the things you have to do everyday because this is about daily disciplines about doing things daily and consistently and if you don’t know why you’re doing it you can find yourself not being very you know enjoying of the process the wisest and most motivating choices are the ones aligned with that you which that which you identify as your purpose your core self and your highest values so I talk a lot about this a lot in my channel finding your purpose making sure that what you do is aligned with that purpose because if you know what your purpose is and you work to find what your purpose is and then you discover what it is and you’re not like maybe fully sure on it but you’re getting sure and sure on your purpose you’re going to find yourself doing more of a good behavior you’re going to be on this automatic pathway of good behaviors because you realize that that’s what you’re doing that’s what you live for that’s what gives you meaning in life and it’s going to be easier and you’re not going to rely on willpower because you’re going to be more automatic the power of your why is what gets you to stick through grueling mundane and essentially habits that don’t give us joy okay and what you’re going to do is you’re going to finding joy in those what other people see as grueling and mundane you’re going to end up finding enjoyable because your why is fueling that if your actions conflict with your values you’ll end up unhappy frustrated and you will essentially be upset at yourself you won’t have nobody else to blame but yourself because you know deep down inside that your actions are not in the line with your value so if you figured out what your purpose is then it’s easier and if you go on the journey to figure out what your purpose is and you get closer and closer to figuring out your purpose as you take action you’ll find that things that don’t fit into your values you’re not going to want to do you just won’t do them and the more you’re on your purpose the less likely you’ll be persuaded to do something that you don’t want to dogoal setting whatever you vividlyimagine ardently desire sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass so this means this essentially we can say law of attraction but more pragmatic than most of the definitions of law of attraction because essentially what you focus on and look at this quote here we have bombarded with billions of sensory each day we ignore 99.9% of it based on what we focus on so what you focus on your brain actually calibrates to find meaning on so in other words if you have a vision and you have a goal exactly what you want in life pretty much everything that you come across each day is going to be giving you meaning either moving you towards that vision or not and because we have so much sensory input coming out of some all different angles each day we can’t focus on all that so we have to relate everything towards our highest goal now we’ll still absorb some of that information but our awareness is not on that specific bit of information that’s coming to us that is moving us away from our goal we’re essentially interested in only what we’re interested in so what we have to do is find out and focus more on what we’re interested in to be able to recalibrate our mind to be able to only focus on the things that matter and discard the information that doesn’t matter if we don’t discard the information that doesn’t matter we’ll be influenced by it and when we’re influenced by it we might get thrown off our habits so you only see experience and get what you look for if you don’t know what to look for you certainly won’t get it so it’s it’s important to become clear let’s talk about my process here make a list of goals in your life that are important to you next reverse engineer all the steps you need to do to get there think about what’s required who you need to become what are the actions you need to take what are the books you need to read what are the seminars you need to attend to get there and focus on only doing the things that move you forward towards these goals each day until your mind is focused and clear so essentially the more you take action towards your vision the clearer you become so if you don’t have absolute clarity right now that’s okay because the clarity comes when you take action feel if anything you’re doing is moving you away from your goals based on your gut and recalibrate so you mentioned this earlier that if you know that something is taking you away from your purpose or your values it says here if your actions conflict with your values you end up unhappy frustrated essentially you will feel it prior to taking those actions that are negative that are moving your way from your goal you’ll feel that you shouldn’t be doing it I have a saying when in doubt do nothing well what is that doubt come from that doubt is actually your God telling you that this is not aligned with your values with your purpose so you shouldn’t be doing that thing we should be moving through life and doing these things I’m talking about here not with the sense of frustration and force that’s not what this is about this is about power there’s a difference between power and force okay so power is essentially being focused on what the outcome is and gracefully moving towards it while not letting anything get in your way a forcefully doing things will tire yourself out we’ll just end up getting tired and frustrated and the way we force things is by doing things that we know we shouldn’t be doing when were powerful we just do it it just ends up happening and if you feel not powerful enough it’s probably because you’re not focused on exactly what it is that you want and with time the more actions you take towards that purpose that you’ve created even if it doesn’t seem like a burning desire right away the burning desire picks up what will happen is you’ll start to get clearer you’ll start to get more focused and you’ll start to move forward more efficiently and it won’t seem stressful it won’t require willpower because that’s just who you are so in this journey it’s who you become you don’t get what you want you get who you are okay so you don’t get what you want you get who you are and essentially in order to be able to achieve what you want to achieve in life you have to step into the Persona of the person that is an alignment with that goal that becomes that means you become a different level of yourself you become a different version of yourself you become a person that has certain ideologies ways of thinking behaviors and actions that is alignment what you want and if you want more you have to become more so he talks about the story of his wife and how he met his wife he made a list and he said it was a good I don’t know how many pages and pages long at the qualities he was looking for in a wife or in a girlfriend and what he went to do is rather than going look for a woman like that he became the equivalent of that kind of woman so if you’re looking for a woman that is physically fit and goes to the gym well maybe you got that also. if you want a woman that is financially successful well you’ve got to be financially successful too you can’t just want things just for the sake of wanting it and expect people to fit into your reality you got to become the equivalent

5 strategies for eliminating bad habits identify your triggers who what where and when essentially what move do you towards a direction which was an optimal who was there what were you doing where was it and when these little points here will help you indicate what you need to change so you don’t find yourself in those situations maybe it’s who you’re with maybe you need to not spend that kind of time with that person or you might need to find a different person to associate with so you don’t get triggered into going this direction which isn’t a bad habit what were you doing at a time was it a certain thing that you’re doing like for example if you have a couple drinks you’re more likely to eat the junk hey everyone if you’re trying to learn python you to me has a huge selection of online python courses that are if you go out partying you’re more likely to have drinks if you stay out and you go to certain kinds of events you’re more likely to partake in taking drugs or something like that what what was it that you were doing in time in that particular pine and time that got you to move down a different direction where was it certain locations are more likely to increase bad habits and when was it certain times of day perhaps your willpower is a lot lower at the end of the day so was it at a later point in night when this bad behavior happened because that has an impact too you got to identify what the triggers are and then be able to put yourself in situations where you don’t experience those things that trigger you down in that direction next clean your house mentally physically and emotionally the more distraction and the more clutter and the more negative things you have in not just your house as in your physical house but in your mental mind and your emotions the more likely you are going to operate from the perspective love that clutter or that negativity and take action towards a direction that’s not positive it’s not going to move you forward towards your objective so what you want is you only want things within your awareness and your environment and bring out the best in you that move you forward towards the direction that you want swap it replace bad habits with good habits like I said you only get 24 hours in a day so essentially it’s what you do with that 24 hours that determines who you become and the results that you get so essentially if you have you got some bad habits that you do at certain times try to swap it with good habits because anyone have room for the bad habits next ease in to replacing the bad habits take baby steps and chunk down the good habits into small little steps for example if you need to become more social and you spend too much time at home and you’re just kind of working from home etc which is kind of what I have to do then essentially what you need to do is you need to get out and you need to connect with people and so forth and after a long day of working and getting stuff done that’s probably not the the thing sometimes I really want to do but all I do is I baby step it I chunk it down and say just get dressed just walk outside all I want to do is just walk down the street and then I’ll find myself in the position where I’m being social again and I realize how beneficial is for me but rather than focusing on the big social outcome of connecting with people and so forth and going out and whatever just baby step it so that you just ease yourself into that same situation the same applies for example if you go to the gym rather than saying okay I’m going to do this lengthy workout it’s going to be really hard figure out how you can just get dressed and just get in the car and just drive towards the gym that’s the small step and when you get there just say you know what I’m going to be here for 15 minutes and when you’re there for 15 minutes say I’m going to continue my workout and keep going or you can jump in you can take bold action and shock the system and to growth I think it’s good to have a diverse strategy some things are easing in and some things are just jumping in because by doing this you’re essentially training different parts your brain to take action and break the bad habits let’s talk about the six techniques for installing good habits number one set yourself up for success proximity being in the right places in the right time that facilitates a good behavior remove friction from your environment if your desk is messy and your environment is messy and you have to go from destination to destination there’s a lot of friction you’re essentially relying on burning up your willpower to get there so where are the places that you could be and live and essentially deal with that have good proximity to good habits and success next think addition not subtraction add more things to your schedule sometimes if you find yourself being distracted and wasting time the more things that you have to do the more things involved with that are positive habits that you commit to the harder it is to fit those bad habits into your schedule next go for a PDA essentially what this means is public display of accountability by publicly acknowledging or publicly admitting or publicly discussing what it is that you’re going to do you set yourself accountable because you don’t want to seem foolish if you don’t do it or number four find a success body find someone that can partake in an accountability program with you and essentially hold you accountable to do the things that you do one of the things that I do is I have clients that I hold them accountable for the business task they have to do and they pay me to hold them accountable and it’s a good investment for them because without having me they’re not able to complete the task that they need to do because I have my own systems and processes to hold them accountable but essentially you need to be able to do this and one of the things I do too is I hold myself accountable because if I don’t complete a certain amount of tasks every day or certain tasks that have to be done every day I give $20 away and I don’t really want to do that so by sending up a little accountability to do that I essentially am kind of forcing myself to develop the good habits now after time you won’t need to force yourself because it becomes automatic number five completion and competition in camaraderie so essentially competition is good if you set up a winning another winning spirit or series opening up a little accountability to do that number five completion and competition and camaraderie so essentially mission is good if you set up a winning not a winning spirit or a competition type of environment or atmosphere with who you’re dealing with and there’s just kind of this friendly competition going on it can motivate you it can be competitive with your environment in business for example in your marketplace can motivate you to do better next celebrate all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy enjoy some of the fruits of your victories along the way promise yourself a pot of gold at the end it’s good to celebrate your victories because if you don’t you can come off as being very dry and you can lose your passion and meaning for why you do it so when you get success along the way and you stay consistent take some time to reward and celebrate the progress that you’ve been making so change 99% of failures and successful people hate doing the same things but successful people do them anyways okay so it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to do it you have to get the things that you need to do done you have to do the things to produce the results and most likely we all know what it is that we have to do and because we know what we have to do we have to find places or different ways to implement what it is that we’re trying to do next if it was easy everyone would be doing it so change is hard doing the things that need to get done to produce success is hard but the key here is building momentum is essentially getting to a place where you’re doing the daily disciplines and the daily things that move you forward and with time it gets easier because it becomes automatic and in the process you’re removing any conflicting thoughts and information from your mind that says you can’t do it or people from your environment are news and things like that that are disempowering you and holding you back from doing the things you have to do and as you do this it becomes more natural it becomes more organic so in a way you could say it is kind of easy what’s hard essentially is removing the negative influences from your environment once you remove the negative influences from your mind and your environment it does become easy because then you’re motivated to do the things and you stay motivated to do the things you have to do personally I’m always happy when something is hard why because I know that most people don’t won’t do what it takes therefore it’ll be easier for me to step in front of the pack and take the lead and very competitive situations the ideologies of the person that are winning are considerably different than the ideologies of the people that are losing or not essentially making a lot of progress that’s because they see challenge as opportunity they see challenge as okay if everybody’s going to see this is hard that means more people are going to fall out all I got to do is stay the course all I got to do is keep myself with positive influences and so forth feed my mind with good information and I’m going to move forward if it’s hard awkward or tedious so be it just do it and keep doing it and the magic of the compound effect will reward you handsomely and be patient good habits and bad habits are not formed overnight next let’s talk about momentum objects in motion tend to stay in motion so the key here is to build momentum and then as you’re riding in the momentum it’s important to not get off the momentum it’s important to add more to it

so you can build that momentum further getting started as hard progress is slow but with with time momentum kicks in so when you get started that’s the hardest part and if you’re not getting results right away stay the course because results come with time and then once you are consistent on the actions you take then momentum will kick in and then you automatically doing the things you know you have to do you’ll feel great about it you’ll feel purposeful you’ll enjoy the process and the results will come let’s talk about how to build momentum first make new choices based on your goals and core values second putting those choices to work through new positive behaviors then repeating those healthy actions long enough to establish new habits you have to do it consistently long enough you have to be in it for the long term this is not about being short-term and you’re thinking if you’re not getting the results that you want right now then consider investing months and years and decades in the process it’s the only way a lot of times success is found just by staying in the game longer while others tap out next building routines and rhythms into your daily discipline so I mentioned my morning routine I got to work routine I got an evening routine and I’m even starting to put a weekend routine in place because I realized that if I know what it is that I have to do that are optimal behaviors and I know what I have to do that or what I don’t need to do which I suboptimal behaviors why I should be only doing the optimal things that move me forward and then bring me joy and happiness and the joy and happiness I get is also from the fact that I stay disciplined all throughout the week and I can see my progress because I track everything I can see the progress in all areas of my life so you’ve got to build routines so that you’re consistent in the things you’re doing and number five stay consistent over long enough period of time so let’s talk about routines your new attitudes and behaviors must be incorporated into your monthly weekly and daily routines to have to affect any real positive change okay so routines routines routines why because that forms habits developing a routine of predictable daily disciplines prepares you to be Victorious on the battlefield of life it prevents you from getting distracted and essentially moving down different directions which mention this earlier a small choice got you to where you are right now and if you’re not happy with some of the areas of your life right now then understand something when you got daily routines and disciplines in place you’re less likely to make one of those decisions that made that you made to get you to where you are right now and you’re more likely to make a positive decision because you’re continuously building momentum on the seeds that you’ve planted from the daily discipline the start of the daily disciplines and also it’s important to shake it up every now and then to mix up your routines to challenge yourself to grow further create like growth spurts one of the things that I like to do is I can move around and work from different countries because when I do that my environment changes the dynamics change and it forces me to learn how to adapt and essentially turn chaos into a process if you are constantly putting yourself in situations where it’s easy and that routine breaks it’s it’s not going to you’re going to be thrown off because the environment sometimes forces the routine to change so if you’re proactive about it and you put yourself in chaotic situations and you know how to maintain a routine in a chaotic situation then you’re going to be more advantageous so that’s why it’s good to mix up your routines every now and then when your disciplines and actions develop a rhythm you welcome momentum so life is simply a collection of experiences our goals should be to increase the frequency and the intensity of the good experiences that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing we’re not just putting the compound effect into play just for the sake of doing it we’re doing it because we want more positive life experiences that’s our why we need to know what our life experiences are that we want and we have to realize that it’s the positive things we do over time with consistently that will help us get those experiences but not only that open the door up for even more profound experiences and more volume of experiences


you must realize that your choices behaviors and habits performed by very powerful external forces so what are they number one is input what you feed your mind so essentially it’s the kind of information that you consume we need an extra level of vigil of vigilance to prevent our brains from absorbing irrelevant counterproductive or downright destructive input so if you’re constantly listening to complaining information or news that is designed to just get you to emotionally react and not really provide any real value to you then you’re feeding your mind with stuff that’s not actually going to help you left on its own devices your mind will traffic in the negative worrisome and fearful all day and all night do not leave your mind alone keep it occupied with doing something constructive and consuming good information that’s going to empower you your mind is an empty glass it’ll hold anything you put into it so your mind is just going to take the input that comes into it and make sense of it and drive you to act from it and that’s something that you won’t have control over if you’re an environments that have a lot of negativity in it that give you a lot of negative stimulus so you have to find yourself away from those environments of the situations or those sources of negativity otherwise your mind is just going to believe what it hears so what you essentially pick up fill your mind with information on success prosperity health love and joy ideas to create more abundance to grow expand and become more examples of stories of what is good right and possible in this world and that’s 20 reasons why I make these videos because I like to put out content that fits this criteria to help you fill your mind with things that will empower you that make you feel good that give the power back to you so you can get the results that you want so steps stand guard take inventory of the sources of negative information that are penetrating your mind everyday and remove yourself from those situations disable whatever needs to be disabled in your computer disable whatever needs to be disabled on your TV and even if possible get rid of your TV to prevent information to go into your mind that you are not filtering and then consume information that you are filtering prior to entering your mind you decide what it is that you want to consume as far as information goes and make sure it falls within this categories here that I mentioned and then only consume that information and it will change your thinking it will change how you feel about reality will change your behaviors and your behaviors will form into habits and your habits will produce the results next enrolled in drive time you essentially talking about drive time University which he says what he does is while he’s driving is he listens to educational programs inspiring programs you know audiobooks and stuff that is designed to instruct and inspire you to grow to empower you and I do this not only while I’m driving sometimes I’m driving I like to reflect and reflecting is good because I make sure I’m reflecting on positive things and I also do this while I’m working out I make sure I’m consuming positive information while working out when I run I listen to the stranger secret by aerodynam and I listen to podcasts cuz podcasts there’s a lot of really good podcasts out there that can teach you things that can empower you that could elevate your way of thinking so you feel more empowered next is associations the people who you spend time with according to research by social psychologists Dr David McClellan of Harvard your reference group determines as much as 95% of your success or failure in life who you spend your time with or I should say who you invest your time with is going to determine how you think and how you behave in ways that you cannot imagine this earlier that your mind is essentially an empty glass and will take in and reflect upon whatever is taken in with no bias.

if you find yourself in situations where you’re not behaving optimal you’re not doing the right things will consider the people that you’re associating with and understand something that if you want to become that person that attracts that result that you want you’re going to have to do whatever it takes to place yourself in situations environments and around people to facilitate those good ways of thinking that produce the results that you want you have to change your behaviors which form your habits and you need to look at who you’re associating with.

Because if 95% of your reference group determines your success or failure that’s quite considerable okay who do you spend your time with who are the people you most admire are those two groups of people exactly the same if not why not okay so it’s good to spend time invest time with people that you admire they may not have all the success that you admire maybe they’re very good with finances but they’re not really good with health and fitness or maybe they’re good with health and fitness but they’re not very good with relationships maybe they’re good with relationships but they’re not good with fitness whatever it is that they’re good at associate with those aspects of them and ideally you want to find people that are holistic that are good in all areas of their life and you want to associate with them because it’s that vibe that energy from them that you will absorb that will change your behaviors that will change your actions so again those that you spend time with and those that you admire should be the same the people with whom we spend our time determine what conversations dominate our attention and to which attitudes and opinions we are regularly exposed

three types of associations


there are some people that you need to break away from completely this might not be easy but it’s essential

limited associations decide how much time you can afford to be influenced based on how these people represent themselves so again with some people they might bring you some positive feelings and you know positivity but investing too much time with them results in negativity because you might have other characteristics of them that you don’t necessarily want absorb because again you’re absorbing energy or absorbing essence from whoever you’re around so just because you’re around somebody that is you know 10% positive and and maybe very financially successful but the rest of their life is falling apart doesn’t mean that you’re in a subconscious mind and your mind is not absorbing that other percent other 90% that you’re not interested in so you got to be very controlled and implement limited associations and focus on the aspects of that person that’s mutually beneficial and again you know I’m not saying be a taker type person I’m saying be mutually beneficial associate with people that you can be mutually beneficial to because that’s how it works I mean you can’t be the person that only wants to be around people that are at a high level or high level of success and then you bring nothing to the table because they’re going to feel like you’re draining them they’re essentially going to be wanting to disassociate from you or have limited associations with you try to bring as much positivity to the table as possible and then that other person is going to want to invest more time in you

expanded and associations identify people who have positive qualities in the areas of life that are important to you and invest more time with them

next find a peak performance partner find peak performance partners who can hold you accountable I’ve got a number of them that I work with some of my clients we hold each other accountable and things I have a client that I hold accountable he pays me to hold him accountable

or you can find a partner that you can work a deal with and hold each other accountable and report to each other every week to make sure you’re moving forward

invest in mentorship it’s important to find people that already have the results you want and invest in them hire them as consultant take them out for dinner be the kind of person that invests in people at a higher level to teach you the shortcuts the tricks the ways of being the philosophies the thinking the infusing of their vibe in you so that you can change your actions which change your behaviors which done over an extended period of time will produce the results you want and also develop your own personal board of advisors who are the people that have diverse skills in different areas and what skill do they have that you would like to acquire and how do you find them and then associate with them build a relationship with them so that you can make sure that you are progressing forward

your environmentpick environments whichinfluence people your environment pick environments which positively influence people and that fuels your ambition and expands your dreams so your environment influences you so essentially your input with what you feed your mind the people you spend time with and your environment make sure you pick environments that are positive and uplifting and not victim and disempowering by Nature because you will absorb that because your mind is an empty vessel waiting to absorb information and it will absorb and cause you to act based on that

minimalism is a concept where you only own think and feel the things that are valuable and you appreciate and bring you Joy. what I’ve done is I for a number of years I’ve lived out of backpack because not because I couldn’t afford anything else but rather because I chose it because I wanted to make sure that I was very specific on the kind of influences that were coming to me from my environment and if I wasn’t feeling good in that environment I would be able to move right away and the more I did that the more I was able to absorb and positive information and grow even faster minimalism is not just a physical thing you do it’s also mental and emotional mental information especially information that is designed to get you to move forward towards your goals to empower you to create more love and joy in your life and how you feel about others to give the power back in your hand versus information that is designed to disempower you that cause hatred and anger and fear and frustration and then emotional positive emotions emotions being around and consuming and doing things that raise your emotions raise listen to certain kinds of music and certain kinds of information that make you feel goodif you tolerate disrespect you will be disrespectedthis is probably one of the most profound realizations I’ve had in my entire life people will only disrespect you if you tolerate disrespect if you allow people to disrespect you it’s not their fault it’s your responsibility to prevent people from disrespecting you by having a high level of respect for yourself by carrying yourself in a respectful way by speaking respectfully by respecting your emotions by respecting your time by respecting mentally physically everything people around you and transacting and carrying yourself from a place of respect in a way where you can’t even accept any form of disrespect in your environment or in your presence because it doesn’t it’s not the energy that matches

acceleration there is a point in every race when a rider encounters his real opponent and understands that it’s himself lands Armstrong so in order to accelerate in store in order to raise yourself up to a higher level you have to confront your ego your inner demons the aspects of you that tell you that you’re not worthy of the goal that you can’t go any further in the context of sports everybody hits the wall at a certain time and they’re performance when they’re doubts kick in Darren would talk about how he would ride his bike uphill in a certain time when he rode his bike uphill at a certain point he would hit the wall and it would be all these doubts saying stop

yourself as your toughest competitor is one of the best ways to multiply your results go above and beyond when you hit the wall another way of multiplying your results is pushing past what other people expect of you doing more than enough you have infinite possibility infinite capability and if you try to tell others what your cable of doing most likely they will only reflect back to you the level they think of themselves if you’re around inspiring uplifting people they will make you feel uplifted when you share your goals and dreams when you’re around people that are disempowering or think low of themselves have low self-esteem who are afraid of addressing the issues they’re going to project that outwards towards you when you share your dreams and your vision not because they’re bad not because they’re evil but because they have not gone past their limits themselve

do the unexpected do better than expected make a commitment this is Monday make a commitment to yourself that for the rest this week you are going to do the unexpected you’re going to push me on your wall you going to do better than you expect from yourself and others and all areas of your life look for the multiplier opportunities where you can go a little further push yourself a little harder last a little longer prepare a little better and deliver a little bit more for everything that you put out there will come back to you and the consistency and the practice of doing it daily will make it automatic and this will become not things that you do but rather who you are and you don’t get what you want you get who you are

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