Stop by step guide to be become a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning engineer

Step by step guide for beginners to become a " Data Scientist" or a " Machine Learning Engineer"

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Beginner’s Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers

Considering this is a vast course, it would be better if we can get our basic understanding of the concepts right. So here we will discuss the basic steps that one can easily follow with the path shown here which will be much more easier than any other path that you might see.

Especially there are 100s of resources available on the internet and you will be confused about where to start, which one to take and which one to continue. UpSkillShare has given a vast library of resources too for your reference so that this can be a one-stop venue for you.

To discuss more on the path of learning Data Science concepts

Step 1: Go to IBM Courses site and complete courses that you are interested in with respect to Data Science and Machine Learning. These courses are specially made to give you a full overview of the course without getting into too much technicalities.

It gives all the theoretical knowledge that you have to gain along with an introduction to all the technical terminologies that you will have to get used to. Once you finish the video part of the course you will have to finish small exercises of multiple-choice questions and true or false questions to test your knowledge. This is “The great resource for all the beginners“, not sure how many of them are aware of this course. The best part is, once you complete these courses there is a certification provided by IBM, which will give you an accomplishment and progress satisfaction. This will increase your will power toward the remaining part of the course.

Step 2: Choose only one topic from one of the below and just work on that. Do not look at any other resource until you finish that particular topic using the same resource. You can do them in the same order.

Step 3: Once you feel confident with these above that you acquired enough knowledge to get your hand dirty, you can start working on some solved project from Kaggle on your own. There are multiple videos online showing multiple project on data science and machine learning.

Hope this information is helpful and a piece of required information for you to get started your learning journey. We strongly recommend you to be continuous in learning and you can join our Skill Improvement community to keep your pace of learning with other co-learners. Lets create healthy and productive social networking.

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