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“We are talking about goals which you want to pursue and achieve along with your current occupation or lifestyle”

We are sure that many of us set goal or new year resolutions for yourself and was not able to pursue as planned. Many of us are fickle minds and we think of concentrating on a task to complete by some time or we suddenly come up some new idea and start thinking about this. Until we don’t have a proper motivating factor or someone to update the status of the activity, these personal task will always take a back seat.

This free session helps you to know “how should you goahead towards your goal“. Your goal could be anything. However, we would suggest you practice this strategy for clear specific and goals which can bring significant improvement in your life financially/morally/physically/mentally.

Alright, Let’s get into the business now! You probably would have heard about the concept of SMARTER Goals, which includes aspect like Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Repeatable, Time-bound, Evaluation possible, Rewarding goals.

For many of us, trying hard enough by have a checklist/ task-list /Productivity apps and had some setbacks and could not meet finish the task as planned. The reason for the failure is miss continuity of the task in the process of practicing.

From UpSkillShare Personal Project Service we are going to emphasize a few impotent aspects of your path and your practicing methodology of your goals“.

We are going to give some tips and tricks which will help you see the progress. We can’t stress enough on the fact that “we are not going to ask you to change your lifestyle” to reach your goal. Which is not so easy to practice.

Anyways if you change your lifestyle for your goal you will anyways reach the goal probably in lot lesser time than if you want to pursue your goal along with your current occupation and lifestyle.

We are talking about goals which you want to pursue and achieve along with your current occupation or lifestyle. We can assure you that, you can reach your goals when you are ready to make very few changes in your lifestyle. No matter what the goal is, the formula of consistency can ensure that you can reach your goal in a lot less duration than you think if you are able to follow the below.

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