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Tom Hopkin’s Techniques to Master the art of selling

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Selling is one of the great art what everyone has to be trained on. Unfortunately, we have no academic subject which covers this topic as the skill of selling will be used by everyone of us in one or the other phase of life in fact multiple time in our personal life and professional career. Here were going to see what Tom Hopkins has to teach about the Art of selling.

The first quality that a salesperson or anyone who is trying to convince someone about something has to have a positive & enthusiastic mindset. He gives a small example of showing enthusiasm is that when someone asks you “how’s your business doing?” there you go that was a test question. Well, he suggests that you can answer them by just saying the word “Unbelievable” because that covers it, either way, positive and negative. That’s a way of showing how energetic and enthusiastic you are towards your it.

Very Important Lesson To Master the process of selling

According to Tom, the best salesperson is who uses effective questioning skills with various strategies & techniques to create positive emotions in buyers to say yes to your offering are created. Since no one says yes logically they say yes emotionally then they defend that decision logically. So if you are in the business of moving people to yes decisions it is done primarily emotionally no.

Tom explains his experience around this as “I didn’t know this one I was brand new and I want to ask you a question how many of you ever had too much month at the end of your money can I just see your hands well if you said yes to that that’s kind of the way I started I was 19 on heard of to go into the professional selling primarily choosing real estate at that point which was a very high end item for a 19 year old and I didn’t do well when I started now granted today I’m blessed to hold the record for the most number of homes I’ve ever been made but that wasn’t true in the beginning and that’s not really true I did not make the sale I was the only one in the office a couple came in and the husband said we saw a home with your sign on it and we want to buy it and luckily he knew how to fill out my forms people say to me what happened Tom to change you from a 19 year old kid that didn’t know what he was doing I did what you folks are doing today I did what you watching this program or doing I invested in my education I spent the last $150 I had to go to a seminar and the man teaching and I can honestly say all these years later had a life-changing effect on my life and that can happen to you when you go to a program with your mind open and you listen carefully intently you do your very best to take the pearls those certain things that are said that can change your life if you apply them that is the real key that I wanted to share with you some things about selling don’t talk about”

Sales is not a profession of making money, it about connecting the right product to the right customer by creating trust and offer with empathy with value exchange so that the customer would stick with the product for life long. To make this possible you need to something that you love in fact it has to even go more than a love you have to have a passion for the product where you’re so excited to help people get involved in your product where you just love.

As Tom explains, first key is you got to buy what you sell if you’re going to have true integrity and I said no I couldn’t I could not sell something I did not totally believe was good for the consumer after they owned it and that’s the key to the professionalism you have to say looking across that table looking across that desk I know these people are qualified I know they will be happy I know they will enjoy this wonderful opportunity I’m offering them your belief is absolutely critical.

Things you should be confident before you start telling people what they should buy is you got to find the product that you so believe in that you’re excited about. Since you’ll hear that again later on if you missed the words “good for them” that’s where your strength comes from. You should be able to look at a person and say “you’re going to thank me in the years ahead” because what I’m doing for you is good for you and that’s where your strength comes from.

Step 1: Technique of Framing questions to get “Yes’s”

As mentioned earlier, a great salesperson will have an amazing skill of framing questions which actually are the way of getting only yes’s as answers to his Questions. something like below.

  1. Questions like below are true to get the answers as yeses, aren’t they?
  2. That was a helpful tip, wasn’t it?
  3. I framed nice questions, didn’t I?
  4. You’re catching on, aren’t you?
  5. They’re kind of on aren’t they?
  6. you can make this a speech happen with practice can’t you cuz you do want to get more, doesn’t it?
  7. Ready investing in a quality product makes sense, doesn’t it?

But If you overuse these that shows you are getting pushy. Tom suggests a general rule for you in sales for every hour presentation use no more than two tie-downs in the presentation that would be your maximum or you’re moving from giving them a good opportunity to say yes to getting pushy and controlling which people never welcome that.

Step 2: Technique of Framing Alternative choice questions.

The definition is this it’s a question with two answers either answer they choose is a minor agreement leading towards the major decision for sale. So you’re always trying to give them two questions you say and of course, the key to this thing is they must know the answers. The best example for this would be something like

  • John I’m available to meet with you today at 3:00 or would tomorrow at 9:00 be better – They can’t say yes or no take a three take a nine either way.
  • I’m going to meet with you you can use them on location would you like to come to my facility or should I visit you at your home they can’t say yes or no take a choice home or office they’re wonderful way of framing quesiotns.

Step 3: Technique of Framing Porcupine Question

It’s basically answer the right question with a question and then write that answer on your form agreement paperwork

Customer Question: How soon can we move into the home” and I’d go well there’s 30-day possession they’re 60-day possession. Salesman Reply: “how soon can we take possession John what time schedule would best suit you” when they answer I’d write that down.

Customer Question: Do you have one in blue? Salesman Reply: Would you like one in blue is that simple

Customer Question: Do you have a smaller size? Salesman Reply: Would you like a smaller size when they say yes & pay for it.

These are few best techniques you can start practicing from today. You don’t have to be a literal sales person, you can start using or practicing these techniques with your family members something like, you can ask you parent which color pair of shoes they are going to buy for you? etc.,

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