What’s In it for me? or for other?

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You might be wondering what does the title mean at all. With over a decade of my corporate life I leaned that all that matters is just this question in the headline only matters everywhere.

When I say, whats in it for me ? either we can take this in literal sense how much % of increase in my earning capacity would I achieve, if I learn some new skill or performing a task, this happened most of the times and I have been focusing on that all through my career till now.

Started my career as Customer support executive where I was supposed to learn how become a better communicator because I need get more satisfaction survey which is linked to earning capacity. Knowingly or unknowingly I did strive to improve my communication which helped me my whole career.

My next experience was to get in to digital marketing world which happens to be a ever green industry. I built my curiosity towards it and start engaging myself with content all relevant to

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