UpSkillShare.com trying to prove "Social Networking" can also be "Productive" without Noise of useless content wasting our valuable time.

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Our motto is to build a community which talks and acts about only progress on any chosen topic or task. No unnecessary entertainment videos of animals / prank videos / music videos etc.,

The current social networking has become our big “TIME EATING MONSTER” in everyone’s life. We are so much addicted to them and we don’t even realize the harm they are doing to us We agree that we need this. However, this is getting out of control.

“Anything which crosses limit is Dangerous”

Your time is important to you. Billioniors and we have only 24 hours in a day. But those Billioniors are investing their time wisely designing something which eats up our time and build wealth for them. These Social media giants and other platforms like Netflix etc., have enabled all the features with all advanced technologies like ML and AI to keep you engaged and make you spend much more than what you intend to spend.

The big question that you must ask yourself at-least once in a day

“What are you getting out of all the time that we spend on social media.”


As we all know the fact that “Time is Money“. But in this case, our time is their money. The more time you spend your time on the social network, the more they grow their revenue instead of yours. 

There are people who use these mediums for productive purposes of being on top of new and happenings and learn new stuff shared by others. But, that is very little % of the overall population on each social media platform. We can certainly keep using those social media as long as there is control over the usage and after a certain limit of hours of usage just ask your self what’s in it for me if I want to spend little more time on social media.

The need for a “ A Social Learning Journal for Learner’s community as a Social Network”

Upskillshare is going to be a network of people who are committed to a goal and working towards it continuously every day. This is a place where they can share their progress on their profile and connect with people with similar interests by building a Co-Learning Platform.

We intend to provide value to you in 5 ways.

Practice – We try to provide the best available resources for anyone to practice and we intend to cover a wide range of important topics in the form of an article and videos to get you started with some new skill or interest that you want to pursue.

Track – Building your track on the topic or skill that you are practicing will help you to keep up to the pace and have a consistency which is a very important aspect to complete a task. Also, you can see progress in your track from the initial day to a day after 30 or 60.

Share – Share your content with your peers and co-learners. They don’t have to be your regular Facebook friends or to your real-world friends. This gives you an opportunity to meet new people who share a common interest which will be mutual benefit. This will bring a competitive spirit within us and you really don’t have to care much even if you are not able to keep up the pace and continuity. Cause, everyone is a learner and there is no one to judge us. It’s your journey and your track. It all matters how soon you are back to practice and share your progress on your profile within your network.

Engage – Engage with co-learners and even experts in the field to help or get help from someone within your network. Get tips and tricks to practice and get better results.

Authentify – This will be a journey progress. For example, if you wanted to learn programming and you are uploading videos of your progress on programming practicing sessions every day for 30 days. You can clearly see a track of your progress and it shows your dedication and ability to learn new skills and upskill your expertise. This can also work as a reference point for an employer that you have to spend so many numbers of hours of practice for a month or 2 and work on some projects along with the concept. That gives confidence to employer that you know stuff and he can rely on you. This way you can Authentify your skill development progress.

So, if you are one of them who are engaged in any learning program either seriously or as a hobby, you can consider to join the network and build your practice log and network with others.

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