The World is not only for “Humans”. It is for other species too…

Hope all of you are safe and sound at home during this COVID-19 Pandamic. Please “Stay Home & Stay Safe”. Request you to share this within your network and spread the word, if you like the proposal.

Highlight: “On this, I want to make a proposal through Upskillshare, although there is a huge impact on industries, I think entire humanity should be lockdown for a month every year. It means all the industries/schools/colleges/workspaces should be closed for one month every year so that the other species can also breathe/ thrive and be happy for one-month at-least along with humans on this planet earth.”

Here is what I learned from Corona – Worldwide Lockdown.

1. West understood the Importance of Namaste instead of Hugging & Cheek kissing

Amid coronavirus fear, world leaders adopt 'Namaste' - YouTube

2. Indians Understood what is the importance of the following instruction strictly like the west.

This is before

Indians and the art of queue jumping | The News Minute

After Corona – Hopefully, this continues

Coronavirus outbreak: India leans on social distancing, community ...

3. Just a few days of human non-functioning resulted in Healing of Ozone layer Ref Article: #ffffff; font-size: 1rem;” href=”https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/ozone-layer-healing-coronavirus-climate-sun-uv-rays-a9429341.html” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer” data-href=”https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/ozone-layer-healing-coronavirus-climate-sun-uv-rays-a9429341.html”>https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/ozone-layer-healing-coronavirus-climate-sun-uv-rays-a9429341.html

4. From past centuries we are busy dominating or convincing or inventing or Utilizing or all the regular stuff, however, we started to understand the importance of respecting each other irrespective of race, religion, caste although there are still few freaks out there in every community. From past one month, we have less time for all this stuff since we are busy in fighting with corona as entire humanity.

5. Things like Road accidents, riots, robberies, all other day to day bad stuff has come down during this lockdown.

6. Very One important point more thing we have to learn is that “The Earth Planet” is not only for Humans — There are many other species living on earth, we never thought this fact. At max we care about our pet, how about other animals and living beings which are not our pets. This pandemic is giving a clear lesson to all humanity that we should not only value every human being equally – Rather it says we should treat every living being equally and not kill them for our pleasure of eating their flesh.

Wild animals during Corona Lockdown. Ref:https://nypost.com/2020/03/23/wild-animals-are-exploring-cities-during-the-coronavirus-lockdowns/

This is a lesson for entire humanity — We need to think about this twice. instead of running blindly behind the goals mechanically, it is good to pause/stop for a while.

On this, I want to make a proposal through Upskillshare is that entire humanity should be lockdown for a month every year — means all the industries/schools/colleges/workspaces should be closed for one month every year so that the other species can also breathe/ thrive and be happy for one-month at-least along with humans on this planet earth.

Although we are not prepared for the current lockdown may all countries in the world can come to an agreement and lockdown for the entire 1 month every year. This way humans get 1 month to relax — rethink — replan — rejuvenate

Mankind has been mechanically running behind its various personal and professional goals. People are blindly pursuing those goals, rather analysing the purpose of the same. To analyse the purpose, one has to come out of the shelf of “being mechanical”. The entire world has been moving at an evolving fast-pace for the past few decades, hence, slowing down a bit for some time will result in positive productivity of its functioning. Probably, pausing for some time, analyzing goals, making an action plan to achieve them (without compromising on the professional time, family time, and social life) will help the world evolve productively and creatively more satisfied.

7. Everyone is striving for progress irrespective of the stage we are in.

We can choose to be

  • a better student
  • a better employee
  • a better husband/dad
  • a better wife/mother

Busy in the process not realizing what holds real importance.

We still need to grow as a human being in anyways. No matter what we are in this process of improving our self which is more important than any other thing — we can achieve this by avoiding distraction for at least a short time every day. Some time for our self for our growth and prosperity  — only for yourself to think and answer one question every day before you sleep.

Have I done something useful for today for myself? or for others? –

Useful: Learned something new / Performed or practised something new.

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