We are living in Chaos, The New Normal has to be defined and come from within

New Normal Has to be well defined & executed.

We are living in a world where we have advanced technology is quite commonly available to almost everyone through Smartphones at-least. This is the most amazing advancement that humanity achieved. All the Discoveries and inventions in the world come from within will start from the thought process. It is a pity that we are living in a world of chaos where many things are broken for a wrong on unknown reasons. We have everything but order. Except for the technology advancement which is the only hope for our lives in many ways its time to think and set our fundamentals right. Thinking about our past like many centuries ago humanity has gone through many disastrous incidents in many geographical parts of the world. It is only from the past 200 hundred years, advancement in thought process, Education, Technology and infrastructure in terms of medical and manufacturing and innovation that we are living in has changed the world in many ways. Although this is a significant improvement in these areas our during the process of enhancing human life by this advancement we broke our fundamentals and living with the idea which changed us towards materialistic stuff like Status Quo, Qualifications, Wealth, Luxury. 

In the midst of all these without our knowledge very evidently we missed the idea of living a purposeful life which is the result of many broken pieces of Society, including Religions, Politics, Media our Work nature and culture, our behaviour towards things, situations and people around us with a limited perspective. 

It is high time as there is supposed to be a revolutionary reformation in fixing these issue around us for a better future. We can discuss many aspects of this discussion but it is very essential at this moment in time considering many factors. 

The irony here is that we were able to make so much progress in many fields in past 200 years or even 100 years mainly in terms of advancement in almost all parts of the world with the broken systems. 

What if…?  

  • What if our religious institutions follow what just was told with no additional human interventions in the message?
  • What if our education system is not changed 200 or 100-year ego?
  • What if educational institutions would change their scoring mechanism of students?
  • What if they teach what they are supposed to be taught as almost every information in the world is available on Google?
  • What if AI takes over all of our jobs? at least most of our jobs?

There are many questions like these which are unanswered. However, there are efforts in the right direction but they are very far from reality at least not for the next 5-10 years. The inclination is towards the educational system in our society, as this will decide our future. 

70%+ people are not working in their field of study. I ask this question my self again and again, why had to spend 15 to 18 years of formal education coming our with 2 master degrees in a technical field and working in completely different domain. For this, I just need basic knowledge of English should be more than enough to begin the journey in my career. With this thought, I begin to think and read why have reached this state of Chaos yet making progress. I started thinking, writing and learning more about this stuff which supposed made me feel like an Eye Opener. 

During this COVID 19 pandemic, many of us were able to find the reality of the world and able to identify the difference between what is essential and what is not. So, now I am practising to share my thoughts through these articles, hopefully, these will help as food for thought for you and join the UpSkillShare journey in understanding various aspects of our life which are supposed to fix and make us a very better version of our self for tomorrow.

This way we will concentrate on building a better definition of the new normal after this pandemic attaches in 2020, the new normal has to be well defined. Although it is not easy to migrate from Legacy mechanisms of our operation to a defined New Normal which is a great opportunity for us to progress and prosper without more Chaos.

In My definitions of New Normal:

Education: Supposed to be Enabling a student to think, experience, practice and execute without fear of failure. Current educational has to be updated with new expectations from students as it is more focussed on building Scientist or Engineers but missing the crucial component of making them understand “why we are doing what we are doing?”. This shouldn’t come from external factors. It should come from Within, with a strong thought process which makes us emotionally stronger to achieve something big.

>80% of the students are tuned to the idea of getting a job with the qualification they acquired and fall into the Dangerous cycle of a normal human being. There are so many things which are not being addressed in our educations system which supposed to be a crucial part.

Since the Odds of success is just a matter of probability. I trying to test and practice my theory, through It is just like rolling a die until you get a number that you expected. This is a great topic that we can discuss in another article. – A Social Learning Journal – An Exclusive Social Networking Platform for Students and Professionals to Up-Skill & Grow to connect with Co-Learners and Track the progress by posing whatever they are trying to learn or practice. Please sign-up to be part of a continuous learner community helping each other grow by acknowledging their efforts in learning or practising something they love in doing meaningful stuff. You can also contribute to UpSkillShare by becoming a Guest Author.

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