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Be a Part of “Productive Network” and pursue your goal with co-learner and experts. Be it

  • Skill Development (Preparation for a certification or Learning a new skill for your Career development)
  • Practicing hobby or interests(Art/Music/Dance/Sports)
  • Practicing any regular personal care (Gym,Meditation,Yoga)

If your serious about your goal from one of the above, Join the network with a motive and Just avoid unnecessary distraction with the instructions from Upskillshare.

You do not have to sacrifice your personal relaxing time or social media time“.

We will help you keep a track of your progress on consistency of your practice and support from experts and co-learning community.

Step to start with the network:

  • Sign up with one of the 3 activities group that you want to be part of based on your goal.
  • Set your goal of spending minimum an hour towards your goal.
  • Start practicing with the instructions
  • Upload only Focus Time & Practice summary in Videos / Images
  • Connect with similar goal network and find motivation & motivate
  • See your progress on task & Engage with experts in the network.

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Get involved!

The Social Network For Soft-skill Development
Commit to your self-improvement without social media noise.


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