Successful Entrepreneur's Formula

Success is different for everyone, as it depends on every individual’s goals. Most importantly, Success is a journey and, for many, its an art. 

Before we talk about the formula, let’s talk about some of the common goals of our lives. When we were Students, our goal was to get good grades and be toppers. When we start working and earning, our goal will be to work hard, get promotions and take home a big fat paycheck. Similarly, some of us must be businessmen/businesswomen. For them, the goal is to make more profits. What I am trying to say here is, no matter who we are, we always have goals – be it short-term, or long-term .

One of the most common, or should I say – the most important, goal is to become rich. In this digital era, where we have more than a thousand ways to make money, there are 10,000 reasons for a person for not being able to make money. We all have to agree with the fact that only 1% of the rich people are running 99% of the rest of the world. So, how is it easy for them to achieve success and not so easy for the rest of 99%?! Have you ever thought about this !!

The most surprising fact in the world realized by only a few people is that 

People who want to be rich, will end up with less % of growth (V/S) Who are passionate and consistent towards their goals end up with unimaginable growth.

When we give thought about these facts we can easily figure out the formula of success. Success is entirely a different concept and money should not be a real measure of success. Since most of our goals are around money we started to believe that being rich is being successful, which is not true. 

So here I’m going to give a known (probably forgotten by many of us) formula for success that could be related to money or other personal or professional goals in our lives.

“Success = Goal +Consistency+Time+Motivation” 

Goals = What to achieve? 
Motivation = Why to achieve?
Consistency = How to do?
Time = When to do?

Remember one thing, while setting goals and allotting time to achieve those goals is your responsibility, it will be my responsibility to keep you motivated and stay consistent in achieving those set goals. I can even give you some tips about the “time” factor but in the end, it’s your time, after all. 

We will discuss, in detail, about all the factors of success in my other blogs. My argument on the formula of success would be the very powerful words called Consistency. Probably, we already know this fact, however, I would like to very strongly support this idea of consistency by giving a few examples. 

I am sure we don’t realize the power of consistency in our day to day life. 

  • Do you know the reason why students are able to go to next Classes / Universities? Just because of their consistent effort attending the classes during a course. This consistency is enforced by their parents to make sure that their children are able to find a perfect job to make money.
  • Do you know the reason why employees are getting paid? They are consistent in performing their work.
  • Do you know the reason why employees get better opportunities? They consistently invest time in improving their skillets.
  • Do you know the reason behind a businessman’s recurring profits? They are consistent in making better decisions in work and investments.
  • Athletes spend consistent efforts in their practice and they achieve success. 

Once you have a goal and we put in consistent efforts towards the goal, we will surely succeed – financially, professionally and personally. 

So, I would like to end my 1st article in the1hour.com by suggesting a few steps to success.

  1. Define your Goal(s) to be a measure of your success
  2. If you have multiple Goals, prioritize them.
  3. Make sure you have all the required tools and stuff to pursue your goal.
  4. Define the path and break the journey into phases.
  5. Measure your success on each phase.
  6. Spend at least an hour every day in yourself/skill improvement.
  7. Keep the passion and most importantly the Consistency on.
  8. Achieve success by reaching your Goals

 Please do share your thoughts on the article. 

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