"Social Networking" should be "Controlled" and "Productive" to us not to Social Media Owners.

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This has become a serious concern in the current age. We are in the digital age, but all the people born around or before 80’s know how life was in olden days. Listening to radio or watching TV, waiting for some awesome programmes that we love on TV. Watch it on time and go back to our lives with work, family, and friends.

Now, the picture is completely different, life has become much more complicated. People are so addicted to social media and other digital platforms like Netflix / Amazon.

These are the one of the best things that happened to us in our lives to make our life much simpler. No questions about that!

However, my dad always quoted that, “Anything within limits won’t put us in any litigation”, I feel this is a golden saying and can be applied any part of our life.

Especially, when we talk about our ‘Digital Addiction’. This is a very serious problem, fortunately there are tools to measure it. Cause anything that can be measured can be improved. However, very small % of people would actually track their app usage time, and out of which a very small % of people will try to make it better, and out of that a small % will make it possible to have better control over their Digital Addiction and make their days more Productive and Useful to their lives

We are so engaged in our lives that we could not take a minute to appreciate what our friend is trying to do even on this platform. Of course, the fault is not ours, It is the intelligence of some people who took over and ruining our minds. They made these platforms so user friendly and addictive with all their investment in studies in technology and human mind to make sure we are spending much longer than we are supposed to. Hope you agree.

I am of course part of that crowd which is addicted to these apps. In one of my other articles on Upskillshare.com, I even posted how was my app usage. I figured this out and like many of us and started acting on it. I want to be that small % of people who bring change in their life with this realization about ‘Digital Addiction’. I am not saying to stop social networking, but I wanted you to realize what time we can spend on which platform and for what instead of continuously scrolling the wall or a page.

There are a few surprising facts I figured out during my 2 months journey of Upskillshare.com. I wrote about Upskillshare.com in a few other articles and some videos as well on www.UpSkillshare.com/Blog. It is a platform for people who wanted to improve productivity and improving control over social networking. You can connect with people who are practicing or similar concepts or tasks. No one is perfect and with 100% knowledge. Its all about who well we are putting effort to get there. I started my journey.

Coming back to those surprising facts.
1. Not every welcome change – Very few who think with logic do that. I am not sure how many want to understand what I am trying to say. I have hardly seen people who can see what I am trying to do and acknowledge or give feedback that it is good or bad or it can be improved.
2. People are so much engaged with content on the platform – that they forgot the real meaning of this platform of connection. we are immersed with enormous content keeping us entertaining and make us continue scrolling.
3. The like button doesn’t hold the meaning of “Like” anymore: It has become kind of an acknowledgment that I have seen your stuff and we forget that in the next moment. Just because you know people you get a “Like” or just because you are beautiful you get a “Like”.
4. Forgetting that we are Human: If they like your friend’s work or achievement we can call and talk to them and support and appreciate them with real human touch/expression.
5. We don’t ask “What’s in it for me” to these social platforms instead we pay for them: When someone asks you 100$, we would say or at least think what’s it in for me. Without even you realizing we are spending so many hours worth of 1000’s of dollars on watching spoof/prank or comedy videos or DYI videos content. I wonder, how many are actually trying to gain something out of those. I like DYI videos, I admit that never tried it. I just save them, which I want to try. Now, I have moved on from that phase. I started my “Real Action”. You can see my progress on UpSkillShare.com
6. Duplication & Reliability of content: What is the real and trustworthy. There are 1000’s of groups on one topic 1000’s of people joining all these groups. Lakhs of content is being posted on different groups
7. Posting Motivation Quotes – “LOL” – Are you trying to change the world by Posting motivational quote. Show it in action. Join my journey on Upskillshare and start showing your practice progress.
I just want to ask where is the Application Part / Real Action part in our day to day life when we keep on watching new stuff. From the past two months, I have been a little more Productive in terms of UpSkilling. I was involved in thinking about this idea of having a network that focuses on improving Productivity and Upskilling efforts giving more importance to the practice journey and not the final result. I am not a writer and not so great in the English language, but I am trying to be better at that so I started my practice by writing Articles. This is what I am practicing while pursuing my interest of Digital Space and Data Science. I did all the required ground work. No other platform which allows social networking to promote the journey of upskilling. We smile when we recollect our journey during our studies with our friends/teachers and those places we spent our time and those mistakes we made and but not when we see our certificates

The Internet is a spot where you can learn almost anything. There are millions of people teaching the same stuff, and millions of companies selling their products and services on social media, and millions of content creators creating content for you to keep you engaged. They are all are engaged in their work, and I have started my upskilling learning how to build a website, how to build useful features, market research, content creation to share my ideology. I know, many of you are already engaged in some kind of upskilling, but do not not focus on it while not realizing the damage from this social media engagement on your productivity and creativity.

I know that this is a very long article, but I had to make it long since I want to convey my message. I hope this makes sense. I wish this article is food for thought and wishing you would also increase your focus on upskilling efforts for a better tomorrow. I wouldn’t expect any kind of social validation on this with your likes if you read this completely. But I wish you to check out the platform Upskillshare.com when I am going to continue my journey of upskilling efforts. All that I am trying to do will be posted there.

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You must be probably thinking that this message is a sales pitch, but it is not. This is to introduce “A Better & Useful Social Networking for your progress than Facebook & LinkedIn etc.,” Everyone spends at-least 2 hours on different social networking platforms, that too without even realizing which everyone loves and needs too. You must also be spending some time on upskilling yourself for a better tomorrow, which is not being tracked.

Introducing Upskillshare.com – “A Productive Social Networking Platform” – A place to build your Practice Progress Profile on whatever you are trying to learn & practice every day.

Create your profile and start sharing your practice efforts every day and track your continuity. UpSkillShare enables you to also connect with people who are learning/practicing similar tasks or concepts.

Your UpSkillShare profile will be a turning point for your career and even in your personal life. It will be a better profile than your Facebook/LinkedIn and other social profiles showing your track of upskill efforts and productivity.


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