Purpose of Education for Human Education

Purpose of Education For Human Evaluation

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  1. How many of us are educated to “know thyself” in schools or colleges? Dr Radhakrishnan has rightly said that: “A civilisation is not built of bricks, steel and machinery, it is built with men, their quality and character”. So the real aim of education is to develop in the body and in the soul all the beauty and all perfection of which they are capable.
  2. I claim that the system of our education has wrongly directed every one of us. I am not sure if it was intentional or unintentionally. Our education system is more focused on market need based which was decided decades ago but not in the interest of students for self-mastering while being ready for market needs. None of us realises this since we are trained to believe it as is and made us fully convinced that whatever is being taught in schooling or colleges in our educational system.
  3. A human being is Educated, and Animals are Trained. However, our system is more focused on training us to fit in the social needs which were decided decades ago and practising mostly the same, leaving out the essence of real education for individual human evaluation.
  4. I was trying to understand what the difference is between an ordinary employee and someone like Successful human being(Nobel Laureates). I was able to crack the idea behind this to the most extent. I would like you to think about what could be the possible reasons. The reason I am leading a healthy employee life is just the social programming or is it reduction system failure of not enabling me what I am supposed to concentrate on.? I can confidently say that“It is not our fault” since I have invested time, money and efforts in getting educated which was never worth the effort I have spent.

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The word education comes from the Latin world e-de-ucere, meaning “to lead out”. It is indeed challenging to define education. Education is a relentless process of becoming. All of us are educated, which is the reason you are reading this. Let’s take a step back and think, why are we getting educated? Our purpose is to stand on our own feet by earning enough to be able to lead a life with no financial issues as money can buy almost anything (but not everything). Let’s discuss what was missing in our education system, which is one of the main reasons why we are doing what we are doing. Our education system is more focused on the market need-based but not in the interest of self-mastering while being ready for market needs. Just to understand this better, our education curriculum creator or education planning body of almost all countries have had a great idea of how Science, Medicine, Finance and Engineering. This way of education is very successful in making the Market better to the point that we can build a supercomputer and make so many achievements in so many fields of study like Medicine, Astronomy, Telecommunication and many other areas. Despite these advancements in society, there is so much gap in wealth and knowledge in the current community.

What we learn in schools and colleges vs What we do in life is more or less like this for almost 40%-50% of the students at least.


However, I strongly feel we left one crucial field of study in our entire education system, which is self-mastering. “Know thyself”. We spend a year of effort and money in education and end up not knowing who we are what we are supposed to be doing and end up taking any job or opportunity that comes our way. There is nothing wrong in assuming that possibility. However, we never concentrate on ourselves in analysing and understanding who we are what we are supposed to be accomplishing, which makes the most of our human life.

We can definitively make a decent living with the knowledge that we are acquiring in our educational institution as we are all doing. However, extraordinary life only comes to those who know about self, and they try to put their effort in acquiring skills in that direction to master to create a “Masterpiece” or an “Art” which can’t be replicated by any other person in the world. If we are doing any job that can be replaced by others, it is just meaningless job which we are doing just to make our living or be in the comfort zone by not having to think big even though they have a possibility of doing so. Everyone has their view of looking at this and none to judge others. The Argument that I am trying to address is that “The Education System should enable us to bring out the best in our self.

My 18 years of education have not helped me in getting my job except for my knowledge of the English Language. Everything that I have learned in my experience is the real education which I am supposed to be known during my education by the time we hit the world. To be able to get into a job which I took as my 1st job just need Communication Skills and Amenability in me. I decided on that as my career-opening option with no exposure to the world out there. Living in my reality of the world, which is far from what it is actually. By the age of 22, I am postgraduate, ready to find a job to be able to earn. By that age, Mark Zukerberg was coding Facebook prepared to be launched as a billionaire currently employing over 50000 people and enabling the connection between 34% of the entire planet on earth with 2.6 Billion Users. I was trying to understand the difference and was able to crack the idea behind this to the most extent is that.


The idea of education is not to make everyone eligible to do a job. Still, education should enable students to know what their abilities and capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, what he likes and what he dislikes.

As Einstein said if we judge a fish by its abilities to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking that it is stupid. Which happens to many of us and me as well. I was a detained student at my college who wasted one year during which I took a sales job. Finally, after completing my 18 years of education, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I just keep giving interviews. Finally got selected in a call centre as a customer support executive. It is very evident that to join as a CSE, and I just need to have excellent English speaking skills. This skill can be found in 7th-grade students, and I don’t know I had to waste so many years of time money and effort in studying for my masters.

We could see this issue from two different perspectives.

  1. The market was not ready, and not many electronics companies were available to hire where I studied, also I am not a merit student just passed with 1st division.
  2. I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing right after graduation. We are just made to do some work, which is not available, resulting in me taking any job that comes my way.

I had no one to guide, what are things that I should know before I graduate from college. Now I know that, If we have those skills, we could live a very successful and meaningful life.

It all comes down to 1 important thing which we deal with ourselves in our everyday life. I would have been a much better person.

What we Must know about money?

Once you know this essential thing with a better understanding, we will tend to fall in search mode. For example, the money that we earn is decided by the companies evaluation of our value of effort in working for the company. Which means, we are supposed to create value for others which will help us earn money.

A simple example of this is becoming a YouTuber by showing a particular skill or interest that you acquired regarding one specific domain and sharing that knowledge with the people, in return YouTubers are earning in lakhs of rupees. Once we know this, we will try to be in the search mode to see what I can offer. Recently, Tiktok has been flooded with Shi*ty videos with worthless content except following others or imitations or making funny content with no real value, which is a perfect example of our awareness and knowledge levels.

The best part was that they dare to get in front of audiences, and the worst part is that they don’t know how to provide value to their subscribers. Instead, they found it as easier to entertain by doing even non-sense just to get more likes and view & subscribers. There are many more millions of people who were not on Tiktok or Youtube just because they couldn’t gather the courage to get into the camera or in front of the audience.

Those people have a great skill of coming in front of screen or people and talking present, acting or enacting, however, they do not know how to use that skill while offering value to people while making it exclusive to themselves, which can’t be repeated by others so easily.

To my knowledge, the problem with all that shi*ty on Tiktok is the reason that the people who are making 100’s and 1000’s of videos and counting their followers and likes have never taken a chance to give “a little deeper thought” about what is possible with the skill that they have got. People of these kinds, who take pleasure in these activities without offering real value,

I classify them in Default mode who operate based on the situations, and they think they have limited knowledge, limited opportunities, limited talent, limited resources and have closed, or rigid mindset and they hardly practice intellectual humility and complaining or pointing others is the constant output of them. They never really think what should I learn or do to make a better living, what are my current skillset and at maximum what is my earning capacity (Vs) what is my goal. How and what should I learn to improve in me to reach that goal. Once they have this mindset, they will start joining the learning community who always keep improving themselves and try to find better opportunities while tracking their progress on learning.

These are a few aspects of the default mode, once we are educated about these, we no longer get into that mode, and we try to move ourself into our learning mode. Every great mind on earth who are intellectual and billionaire and Successful people are continuous life long learners. So To be able to reach heights in our life, we continually evolve day by day through our learning process.

We have to continually learn more about ourselves, our strengths, our weaknesses, our thoughts, our actions, our outputs. This learning should be continuous learning for lifelong because you won’t be the same person anymore if you compared yourself five years ago. So, you are anyways evolving with or without your knowledge. But if you make you’re learning journey conscious in terms what kind of efforts you are investing in learning and what type of output you’re getting out of your activities will decide the future you. These factors are supposed to be part of our education which are very crucial in life.

Becoming a continuous life long learner gives you a strong reason to be part of upskillshare community, to keep track of your learning efforts and out while being social and share your knowledge with others what you learn along with the opportunity to learn from others.

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