How Professional Courses & Certification Making us Corporate Slaves?

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What is slavery? According to dictionary it is a condition of a being who is forbidden to quit his or her service for another person in this case entity or company. Although we are not literally forbidden to quit, this is the exact condition of most of the corporate employees today as they are stuck up with their educational qualification, earned certification, gained domain knowledge and experience. This is mainly because most of the large corporations have build their infrastructures, systems, methods, processes which are not easily changeable.

Based on these many certification programs are being created by them and once they complete certification the employee are being acknowledge by the employers which is a short term advantage. However, corporate employees can have a better and a long term vision to make themselves more resourceful than just serving a company with the limitations. The courses built by these giants with their own professional certifications & courses with which we are bounded without our knowledge.

Imagine a bright student with a great scoring on math with great analytical thinking signed up for a Google cloud certificate or say AdWords certification or say Google Analytics certification, they tend to use their math knowledge, skill and thinking ability on only working and improving Google, Google partners & Google users. In other words they can’t use this certification knowledge in any other area of life except Google and their associates.

The individuals(like founders of Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc.,) and corporates who figured out this and who are easily capable of implementing these tactics very well making a common man almost a corporate slave. This slavery is honored very much as it comes with minimum financial stability guaranteed. For a common man it is more than enough to get a minimum wage guaranteed job, where they don’t have to think what else they can do, they can simply follow the instruction to do the job and get their pay to satisfy their need of buying & affording things of which many of them they actually don’t need.

This is one of the reason why there is huge economical disparity across the globe as people can’t think what they really want and what they really can do. They don’t know how to make self more resourceful by upgrading their process to do better and more valuable things than just serving a corporate.

Which is resulting ,

  1. No one is ready to think and understand the human capacity and ready to train their brains and tune their day to actions to be able to become more resourceful. We are trained well on these professional courses on how to use these tools to get better results. However, there is no training courses on training our brain to become how one can become a business man, a great artist, a great musician, a scientist, an innovator. Why don’t we have these. It is not that only certified people can invent something or to become a great artist
  2. Also there is no proper help available to people who want to learn to use their brains, because of which they are limited to fewer opportunities as all other opportunities are eliminated by falling in to the trap of professional courses & certification to pursue professional life to those particular domain/tool/company by providing minimum wage guarantee. Signing up them for slavery for rest of their life, without their knowledge making to serve the same company or similar technology.

Almost every educated individual is in the race of career progression which can help them to find financial independence as soon as possible in their career. As a part of this, students and working professionals are constantly trying to upskill themselves. Upskilling self part is very essential in everyone’s life. However, the path we are choosing to upskill is to progress in our career by gaining more qualifications and certifications including me. There are many things which we completely ignore while we are trying to find our path for progression in our career. We loose or we don’t even have a mindful decision making mechanism to come to that conclusion of selecting a career progression path. Almost everyone of us think in only one direction acting like half blinded horse which can only run in one direction.

This behaviors of choosing career path is from generations, predominantly from past 2 generations post industrialization, colonialism and westernization of the world we see this trend occupying the world. This has changed the way we think, the way we act, the we justify ourselves, the way we teach, the way we design our course. This has seriously impacted us to get blinded by the career options we choose.

This is kind of a invisible trap of multinational companies which normal people doesn’t seem to understand and never think in those directions. The people who understand this are making use of this as a great invisible weapon against masses in the name of financial security by offering corporate jobs. They are doing what they do and there is nothing wrong in it. It is our failure to raise of degree of our thought process to understand the game of life, the game of money and human capability. We never try to explore these areas as we are completely occupied by this invisible trap of professional growth with the help of Professional Courses and Certifications.

How to choose a new skill

So, we need learn many things before we pick up any course that we do. Because this will decide our future. Basically any one can upskill themselves in 2 types of skillset.

  1. Skill to create – Programming/tool like photoshop tools/research/art/music/carpentry/weaving/fashion designing/project management/writing: All theses skills & professions have something common, they have a possibility of something humungous using their thought with creativity. People who are good Skill to Create where they are open to use their creativity and skill to create something new. The more resourceful thing they can think of the more successful in their creation is. The resourcefulness of the thought depends value that they are creating, no. of people being served & the payer function.
  2. Skill to manage – Hotel management/ Digital Marketing /networking/ Cloud based tools/ Machine Learning & AI / medicine / pilots – Though these profession may be good paying roles, they have huge limitations on with respect to the actual possibility of a human being. The creativity, thought process & resourceful can be part of their job role, however due to its limitation, the individual progress is dependent on the employer. If employer is busy & not able to/interested to acknowledge the employee’s work, all the effort & thought process goes in vain. Even if they acknowledge, the clearly come with a maximum scope of promotions, hikes or incentives, etc.,

The resourcefulness of the thought depends value that they are creating, no. of people being served & the payer function. With professional certification & qualifications, the no. of people we are serving is limited, the payer function is low as it depends on employer ability to acknowledge the effort. Clearly most of the professional certification & qualifications are to serve organization by working on their internal toll and systems like SAP, Cloud based Technologies, Networking & infrastructure and many other fields of corporate work.

Hope to see this article acts as a food for thought of how are we setting our goals and what are we aspiring to become. Understanding our brain capacity is a huge advantage to put it to better use. You can sign-up for this free course a video complication Brain Re-programing helping us to understand the human brain potential and how can we put it to better use. Join UpSkillShare.com to train your brain with positive reinforcement. Visit our Learn section a collection of free Soft-skill improvement Videos compilations and paid programs. Learn What are soft-skill here.

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