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Hello My Dear Friend,
Thank you for visiting UpSkillShare Page…! I am very much excited to have you here. I promise to share some amazing stuff in this blog.

My Name is Kiran KV. You can Click here if you want to know more about me. Considering the fact that I love Digital Space Internet, Data, and Analysis, I started this blog to work as my learning progress diary while also sharing my interests in other subsidiary fields of Data/Digital Marketing/Startups. Also, this site will work as a tool that allows people to share their progress on whatever they practice.

I want to focus more on Up-Skill efforts & Progress of an individual by learning with co-learners and post my progress on building my blog. I also intend to cover Startups/Learning/Progress tracking & Productivity. So you can expect to see blog posts in those areas too.

This is the place to find Internet Industry Updates, Startup Talks, Up-Skill Opportunities, Improving Productivity and Sharing Up-Skill efforts.  Also, we are trying to build a service for corporations and corporate employees to help them track and share up-skill efforts in their careers.
In short, this blog will be useful for anyone, who is willing & committed to Up-Skill in their career or personal life“.

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