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Important Basics “Not taught in our Schooling”

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School days are the best days of almost everyone. Those days are filled with very cheerful and memorable moments for most of us. Just by a thought of those days will bring a smile on our faces. Except for the examination, we don’t have to think of anything else.. Everything is arranged for us by someone. Adults around us including family members are always there to pamper and take care of us. 

We have different connections with different people around us which is completely different from what we have around us now as an adult. Our little minds are innocent, cheerful and always curious trying to explore.

Those children who have their parents encouraging them to explore new things are the best ones! Also, there are those children who explore out of having no option but to try.  Many of us would want to agree with the argument that “If Our Education is little different with little more focus on some important aspect of life, our life would have been different for the better”

To elaborate little more on this, many of us will agree to the fact that we have not been thought well on a few important basics of life which are listed below. Any child who understands these things will definitely have a different (maybe even better) perspective of looking at things. 

Most of our school education system revolves around the curriculum for that year of that Location. It is expected that the school yearly curriculum is needed to match the level of understanding of a child based on their age. However, we were not told about these important things even during our 10–15 year age where we can easily understand these things. 

There is a great need of these concepts to be given much greater importance in our education system (at least in the Indian education system) by even asking children to engage in different activities of their own. Also, gauging every student on marks and ranks is an effective technique in many cases. But, by the end of school, we should be able to know “in which concept this student can excel”. In academics there are very little options, there are very few options given to explore to students There is no much importance to creativity/ art/ music/ languages etc., Also, when you want your children to excel in any field other than academics, that is an extra effort that they will have to invest which will not be fruitful by trying to be good at academics and on other interest of the student. How would we know if there is no option is given. 

“We should not say what they have to do!

We just tell them that “they have to do something”

This activity should be followed by giving a fundamental understanding of the below topics and a follow-up session on questions and answers session or of a frequently asked question on these topics to get a better understand of students with some practical examples. 

What is the Value of Time?

What is the Power of Consistency?

What is Passion?

What is Vision/Goal?

What is Success?

How Goal can help us be successful?

What is Love & Compassion?

What is Society?

How being social will help grow our personality?

How to Build our personality?

What are values?

My Favorite once are :

What is Learning? How to Learn Learning?

What to learn? and why?

Asking Why? What? Where?

What is the importance of being Curious?

What are Experiments? How experimenting changed the world?

What is thinking Practical?

What is being optimistic?

What is procrastination? and How to overcome it?

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