How to Use Facebook to Help you to “Grow” in your “Career” or in “Personal Life”

We love Facebook, isn’t it? Almost everyone has an answer to this as a “yes”. It is one of the greatest creations in the 20th century connecting the world together and make it as if it is just a matter of simple application on our phones.

There are so many advantages of Facebook supporting different topics, tools, and causes helping us to find and reach the ones we need the most. Most new projects, products, and causes get noticed because they make their presence on Facebook with their uniqueness in serving customers or communicating their idea and work. Apart from visibility, Facebook made it very easy for businesses and content creators to connect with their audience to solve their queries.

It has changed the landscape of traditional media as a revolution. Advertisers are after these social media sites like Facebook to make their presence which was not the case 15 years down the line. All the advertising budget used to be either on television, radio or print media. People come here for fun, considering this fact, it is not for building professional connections or make interaction. So, we can have them as friends, while trying to avoid professional discussions on Facebook.

Some of the highlights of Facebook

  • Cool Virtual Friends Network
  • Great Communities
  • Content creation platform for entertainment
  • Tools for us to be connected even “On the go”.
  • The voice of a common man opinions – not just traditional media
  • Great Marketing Platform
  • Created employment across the globe
  • and many other aspects of it.

We took it for granted so much so that, we don’t even take time to think about the greatness of it. It is just an amazing tool. Intentionally or unintentionally, Facebook has some impact in our lives.

The goal of this article is to concentrate on the aspect of ,“How can we make Facebook’ing’ much more effective and beneficial for us in our careers or personal lives“. If you can make these as mandatory activities while using Facebook, it’ll surely help you grow. Apart from these stuff, there are ‘n’ number of things that you can do on Facebook which might or might not help you.

For Students:

Find Groups and Pages which talks about

  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Learning
  • Technology news
  • Hobby or Passion that interests you
  • DIY Groups

Being just in these groups and liking them and sharing will not help in anyway. Try to put that knowledge in to practice. We get to consume a lot of content from these groups, there is so much to learn around every thing.

You know there are a few sayings that “Knowledge is wealth”, “Knowledge is power”, “Knowledge is divine” etc., All of these are only true when you put “The acquired knowledge in to action“. We need to clearly understand this. Try at least 1 thing in a week should give you lots of experience in trying new things, that experience teaches you more than what you learn while just consuming content.

For Employees:

Find Groups and Pages which talks about below must helping your career to give you competitive advantage over your colleagues

  • Innovation & Creativity in your field of work
  • Learning deeper concepts in your field work
  • Technology news in your field of work and in general

Again, the same fact applies, you can spend weeks month and even year spending new things around your field of work, but they are useless unless you practice or put the knowledge in to action.

Tip: Aim to target learn more about just one topic in a week and start practicing that in your regular work. So, in a month you will have to make sure there is at least 1 mailer to be sent out to your team member about some new finding or new way of looking at data or new way work working out things or new way of presenting, which is related at your work where you implemented the acquired knowledge over these groups. If you can make this as a hobby, you will always be one step ahead of colleagues. ?

For Anyone:

Everyone needs entertainment, but it should not be a reason for a fallback in our career or personal life. Make sure you have a clear watch on the time spent on other activities on social media watching comedy videos, pranks, religious stuff, political news, because you will not be able to use much of this content in our life.

Choose the content which helps you to grow and stay with it until you get confidence to practice, you can surely engage in these communities, if you have any difficulties in applying the acquired knowledge.

I will try to give you a better understanding with below example.

If you are interested in some concept or topic that you want to learn you will join the relevant groups

  • You might join 10 groups on the same topic (Ex: painting, learning excel, food preparation)
  • Each groups has say 10’s of thousands of people (Ex: In total 300K Ppl)
  • Many people are joining multiple groups to learn more
  • The content posted in 1st groups will show up in 6th group on some other day
  • There are only few content creator who create content and some just forward or share content from other groups or other website.
  • So the real content creators who are working on the topic could be just 5% out of total 300K people
  • So, here the important question is “What is remaining 95% people are doing” just liking, sharing & subscribing.

We need to realize that a very small percentage of people are doing the real work by creating the content on social media, and rest are just being the audience.

So, as long as there is no implementation of knowledge, nothing is going to change in our lives.

Upskillshare.com is a Social Platform for Learner & Doers where we can track consistency on your practicing efforts by posting a summary of your practice efforts every day, as a post in video and image formats while networking with your friends and followers, it has no entertainment or distraction factors only “Action towards progress” while implementing knowledge that we acquired.

Also, you must check out an other interesting article which about “Imperfection is 100% OK“, because we are worried, if someone see us doing a bad job in whatever we are trying to do, we wont feel good about our-self. So, we don’t choose to share.

Do you really think it matters, all it matters is you are coming out of that 95% of the crowd which is busy in consuming the content and you started taking action. That is a great step. So do not hesitate to take steps in trying and keep a regular practice. Hope this article helps. Please share it with your friends and circle.

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