How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution

How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution

As mentioned in a few other articles, our smart phones / apps/ social networking have become few of the major things of our lives. We can’t imagine living without smart phones or social networking, especially for millennial.

The current generation is empowered with many advantages with technology being able to:

  1. Being able to connect directly all the time
  2. For consuming interesting/important/popular information
  3. To build personal/organization brand and run businesses
  4. For Awareness & Noble causes etc.,
The flip side is, social networking and other apps on our phone have much larger impact than what we think on our productivity, especially the time that we spend on these apps. Here is a brief video explaining the same.

So, you know the impact now, we are left with last few days of 2019. Also #2020 is a special year, make it even more special with Upskillshare.com – A Social Productivity Tracking WebApp allowing us to do below. #Upskillshare helps you “#focus” more on what helps you “#grow”

  • • A wall to share all useful stuff that we Learnt/Practiced for the day
    • Connect with your friends
    • Connect with people who are sharing common interest in learning or practicing a Skill or Hobby
    • You can add a quick note on your wall about the status of your practice progress
    • Highlight: You can make your posts private only to you to see the progress
    • But its always better than just sharing useless check-in updates or status pic or food pic on Facebook 😉
    • We are working on Media upload feature as well to upload practice work in image and video format
    • Join 3 interesting Groups on Skill Dev./Hobby Practice/Wellness

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Now, Its time for you to take a big decision whether you want to track your progress or not which depends on seriousness towards goal.

This is how we can make "Social Networking Productive" helping us to grow.
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