How Hard Are You Working on Your Soft-Skills?

Every one of us is well aware of the technical skill and domain knowledge that we need to gain to excel in our careers. We are very much interested in learning or taking courses and certifications which help us to get qualified for a job in the industry. However, there are millions out there like us who hold similar certifications with similar qualifications. The only element which can separate you from the crowd is that your soft skills. Unfortunately, the industry definition of soft skills is your communication and presentation ability. However, there is much more than just those abilities.

It is a good idea to have a clear understanding of what we mean by soft skills for real. Soft-Skill is those which are not easily transferrable or teachable by others. They are much more than just Communication & Presentation skills, Soft-skills are a combination of Character or Personality Traits of an Individual along with Attitudes, Mindsets, Social Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence most importantly Thinking ability & Analytical Skills which enable people to deal with their social environment & situations to perform & complete activities, achieve their goals using their Hard Skills, Technical Skills & Domain Knowledge.

Have you ever taken any courses or classes to build these soft skills with the same seriousness as you take any technical certification course either in your formal education or in your personal learning journey? Unfortunately, these are available to us indirectly. There no educational entity which directly focuses and addresses these skill and help you improve your thinking ability. In fact, you can think about how often you spend time learning/practicing or working on improving your soft-skill. These are skills are very important to every human since these abilities and capabilities are actually the steering wheels of actions that we do. By helping us with these abilities we make use of our hard technical skills to be able to lead a progressive life. Because starting from setting your short term and long term goals in your life, how you approach to work towards those goals, how you deal with different situations in career or personal life or even making your financial decision are completely dependent on your ability of thinking and effectiveness of your soft-skills. Mastering these soft skills is like mastering yourself in managing your mind and your thought process can be helpful in every situation of your life.

Working on these skills is more important than developing any hard skills, as these are mostly based on social learning aspects. We build our thought process, our goals, desires, and our habits based on our environment mainly from people whom we are surrounded with. So these are more difficult to learn and practice as long as we constantly remind ourselves with this task of working on soft skills and our thinking process. The building or improving our soft skills is actually Reprogramming our brain for success. For this, we need to create an environment that can help us to focus on these aspects and not deviate from other distractions. In fact, this skill will keep us going in our hard times and give us the ability to deal with difficulties in career and personal life. The more we work on our soft skills improvement the more effective we will become in dealing with almost any kind of situation we face. Developing these soft-skills will fetch us many advantages like

  • We are a lot better in terms of communicating and making strong and meaningful human connections rather than counting the number of meaningless social network connections.
  • We get much better at the decision-making process since this is one of the top skill that everyone has to master.
  • We become much stronger in dealing with a difficult situation in career and personal life.
  • We become more thoughtful and mindful individuals
  • We become someone who can turn negative aspects to our advantage by coming up with new ideas
  • We become mature in understanding and dealing with situations by applying emotional and social intelligence.
  • We become problem solvers instead of thinking and discussing problems around us.

So, learning to drive your thinking process, improving your thinking and analytical skills, and working on building soft skills are very important for everyone. UpSkillShare is a learning social network focusing on improving soft skills and thinking abilities of learners with its unique free learning library with a vast collection of videos helping you to learn different essential aspects which can help you build your thought process much stronger and matured with our free course collection and other paid training programs and services.


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