Thinking & Discovery Lab Program

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Program Description

The Thinking & Discovery Lab is a unique content creation program bringing together all the required knowledge to explore & dive into the Self-Improvement Journey to build Soft & Life Skills. This program designed to introduce essential skills and concepts like Communication, Creative Thinking, Leadership, Positive Behavioral & Habitual concepts, Growth Mindset, Productivity, Management of Personal Finance & Relationship, & Building Strong Mental through book summaries. Participants who are part of the Thinking & Discovery Lab will have a wide protective of things helping them to become better thinkers and decision-maker and practice to implement their learnings directly to their day to day life. 


  • – Learning about habits, our surrounding, our thinking process, the functioning of our mind and thoughts. 
  • – An enhanced understanding and practice of Creative thinking, Strong Positive thought process and leadership
  • – Improvement in the thought process towards Personal Finance and Relationship Management
  • – Able to build +VE habits like THINKING, CREATING & COMMUNICATING their ideas.
  • – Build and be a part of Self-Improvement Focused Network


Upon successful completion of the program, participants receive

  1. Free Career Guidance Session
  2. Certificate of Program Completion
  3. Internship Certification for program engagement tenure for selected candidates based on
    • The engagement and the content they create on the upskillshare in Text posts, Image posts and article.
    • The ability to bring introduce the Thinking & Discovery Lab of UpSkillShare to the personal network through referral codes


Program Difference

A Unique program by The UpSkillShare Thinking & Discovery Lab will draw upon World Learning’s years of experience in working on Self-Improvement utilizing an internal team of UPSKILLSHARE expertise & with Literature helping applicants to guide our thinking process by the video library to facilitate online experiential learning activities. World Learning, in partnership with the Educational Institution and Organization we are developing a network that embodies trans-disciplinary collaboration, real-world applications, and critical thinking.

The program will accommodate students of all experience and proficiency levels. Participants are expected to meet the criteria to be eligible to be awarded at the end of the program. Program duration is 3 months led by a trained facilitator with Knowledge and Experience in a similar field.


Program Details

  • Prerequisite: Candidates should be Enrolled on the program
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Dates: Every Start of the Month
  • Time Commitment: 5 Hours/Week


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must:
  • Be between the ages of 15-22 years old
  • Be currently enrolled in or have not yet completed Post-Graduation
  • Have basic English language competency
  • Have regular access to the Internet*
  • Be able to devote 3-4 hours each week to the program.
  • Should be able to perform one of the below tasks 5 times a week and post it on UPSKILLSHARE Website.
    • Able to Write
    • Able to Create (Self-Created Projects, Art, Writing etc.,)
    • Able to Articulate
    • Build Ideas and present them as a mini project

To apply to this program, add it to the cart and complete the payment.


During our application review, we look for participants who:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the program and its goals
  • Are passionate about self-improvement and ability to Think & Create and build Network and Communication Skills
  • Have an open-minded attitude and are willing to learn from others
  • The ability to Think, Write, Create & Articulate
  • Knowledge on Self-Evaluation, Self Awareness of knowledge, Skills & Expertise in their interested domain
  • Validity if the content created is for the purpose of this program.


Educator Resources

  • Free Access Social Platform with Exclusive Learning Community.
  • Access to Free Courses & Products
  • Access to 500+ hours of self-help curated content
  • An instructor available on the scheduled session


Individual Commitment & Engagement

Time: 3-4 hours a week.

Role: Educators share information with applicants and encourage them to learn and get involved on their own. Educator will serve as a point of contact for any guidance.

Integration: The program is led by facilitators and supported by resources provided on the UPSKILLSHARE web platform  Applicant can engage in program activities and request feedback and support, anytime from the comfort of their homes. The application is open to youth to apply individually outside of partner Educational institutions and organizations.


Program Commencement & Engagement

Week 1:

  • On-boarding – Account Setup & Boot-camp of the program
  • Grouping applications by interests

Week 2-9:

  • Weekly Scheduled sessions 3-4 hrs based on the batch size.
  • Guidance to the program of the activities that they can do
  • Engaging with concepts of Self-Improvement, Personal Finance Management & Relationship Management
  • Topic to be considered to create work on upskillshare are
    • Human Thinking and habits
    • Learning and progress Scope
    • Importance of learning Self, Personal Finance & Relationship Management
  • Weekly verification of the work posted on our Site.
    • Writings (Articles)
    • Articulation (Audio, Videos updated to YouTube)
    • Create (Art, Music, Painting, Tools, Self-built Projects Videos updated to YouTube)

Week 10:

The applicant is expected to send a mail to TDLAB@UPSKILLSHARE.COM

  • Short article on Self-Evaluation report of their Knowledge, Skills & Expertise before and after the program.
  • create a short video of 20 min long presenting their work during the program and upload the videos to YouTube and share the link on upskillshare.

Week 11-12: Evaluation of the work posted on UPSKILLSHARE in the form of Videos, Audio, Writings.

Role: Educators are added to the exchange groups to observe and keep track of student progress. Educators commit to providing 1:1 support to their students throughout the program.


Extracurricular Commitment & Engagement

Time: 3-4 hours per week scheduled sessions.

Sample Activities

  • Learn about the power of our brain and thought process from the UPSKILLSHARE video library
  • Learning to Create, Think and Communicate the Idea from UPSKILLSHARE video library
  • Learning to Time, Money, Tools & Resources from UPSKILLSHARE video library
  • Understanding of Basic Philosophy, Psychology & Neuroscience from UPSKILLSHARE video library
  • Write and draw to reflect on your learning throughout the program
  • Develop a self-portrait using Philosophy and Psychology
  • For advanced participants, create an avatar while improving your creative thinking, analytical ability, and problem-solving skills
  • Share your perspective and read what others have to say about stereotypes
  • Discuss power dynamics in your community with your peers through a video call
  • Watch videos about achiever from history across the world by books.


The outcome of the program for applicants.

  1. Free Career Guidance session
  2. Program Completion Certificate to all participants
  3. Internship Certification for an applicant with daily engagement on upskillshare by posts or writing articles
  4. Employment Opportunity with UPSKILLSHARE
Our Application for The UPSKILLSHARE Thinking & Discovery Lab is now Open.

Questions? Contact us at TDLAB@UPSKILLSHARE.COM or reach us at WhatsApp: +48729379032