Self-Improv. book summary collection

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31 Lessons

Self Improvement

Why self discipline is important00:13:08
Choose and Make Yourself Achiever00:8:45
Collection of 32 important habits00:34:00
Know Your Live Purpose of your life00:10:53
Why the Majority is always wrong – Why extraordinary people are Extraordinary00:11:26
Mastery by Robert Greene00:8:51
Learning to Concentrate00:17:03
Make Obstacles The Best Opportunity00:9:06
Decision Making – Baises00:9:15
4 steps to start self Improvement00:10:00
How to Position Yourself – Douglas Kruger00:58:00
Make yourself Indistractable00:7:32
Understanding Talent00:23:30
The Value of You – Dougals Kruger00:42:33


Concentration & Focus

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