How to Learn “Learning”


No matter, if you are a student or an employee, it is very important for of us to learn the importance of being a continuous learner  by up-skilling our-self. So, it is very essential for all of us to learn and “How to Learn”. This is an awesome compilation of videos helping us to learn more about the process of learning by great achievers and intellectuals. 

It is always suggested to have a small notepad aside while taking this course so that you would note all the important points and techniques to be able to implement in your learning process.

Topics for this course

26 Lessons

Course Content

How we learn00:00:00
How Learning Changes Functioning of Brain00:14:24
Richard Fynmanns Learning Technique00:11:30
A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley – Book Review00:5:41
Learning “How to Learn” – Talk by Barbara Oakley -TED Talk00:17:35
The Practicing Mind00:10:27
What makes us curious00:00:00
Learning styles & the importance of critical self-reflection00:18:14
The Dunning-Kruger Effect – Cognitive Bias – Why Incompetent People Think They Are Competent00:9:41
The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin – Book Review00:7:57
How to Master Anything – Book Review00:7:35
Deliberate Practice00:7:31
Mastery: How to Learn Anything Fast | Nishant Kasibhatla00:19:10
How to achieve your ambitions by constant learning00:17:53
Motivation, self-regulation and learning how to learn | Heidi Ashton | TEDxYouth@LBIS00:15:30
How to memorize anything00:00:00
The more you’re taught, the less you know | Stephen Baldridge | TEDxACU00:17:14
How To Learn Better | Ulrich Boser | TEDxNashville00:16:13
5 Hour Rule of Learning00:6:20
The revolution of self-directed learning | Sean Bengry | TEDxFlourCity00:9:02
Techniques of Learning – Video00:8:26
Best ways to Learn “Learning” – Scott Young00:29:36
How to improve memory to improve education00:12:42
Learn 10 times Faster – Talk by Jim Kwik00:8:45
The Super Mario Effect – Tricking your brain to learn more00:15:08
Collage Education is not enough – Achiever’s view of regular education00:11:26