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Time is the only currency that is common to everyone in the world. Everyone has got only 24 hours. Few are able to make millions in those 24 hours and few are struggling to make a penny, few are winning millions of hearts with their work/service and few are struggling to find work.

Have you ever seriously wondered about this fact of life. What those 5% successful people are doing differently than the rest 95% of people in the world. The answer is so simple yet so much powerful. They turn off their Self-Destructive mode. I am sure you have no idea of what is “Self-Destruction Mode“. Let me explain. It is a mode in which we have no idea how are we conducting our daily activities. We are not able to imagine what exactly this Self-destruction mode is costing us. The more you think about it and the more you will realize the impact of this mode on your life. A significant part of this mode is causing by DDT (Destructive Digital Time).

Destructive Digital Time (DDT) is the time that we spend on the internet or with electronic gadgets which are not enabling us to be a better human being and stronger in terms of Emotional, Logical, Intellectual, Wealthier day by day. The definition doesn’t include Happier, since that is the default objective for these inventions by humankind to be able to make things easier faster, simpler, convenient, cheaper, entertaining. All of these feelings are the variants of feeling Happier by making us lazier than ever before. Many types of research have proved that we are being impacted by the content that we consume on the internet in social media.

While we have many conveniences of using so many application on our Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Smart Phones or Smart TVs, most of the population don’t know how to put these devices to better use. This is the 1st generation in history that is bombarded with so many options to obtain conveniences which is the reason we don’t realize the impact of DDT on our personal and professional growth.

How often you seem to consume a different kind of content than your peer or colleague? We really don’t understand the importance of this question. As long as you change your input the output never changes. Every action that you do and every decision that you take is being processed by your brain and I am sure know our brain is like soil. You will be able to grow weed and you will also be able to grow the most expensive and precious plant-like Shenzhen Nongke Orchid which costs around $202,000 per Plant.

Every thought or every piece of content that you input into your brain is like a seed. This is processed in your brain without our knowledge at a subconscious level. So, knowing and learning about your brain and its power and being practising mindfulness is very essential for every one of us in the current generation. We have to be more mindful about our growth, if not we will live a victim life. This goes by saying “If you don’t have a goal, you will be part of others goal“. This means if you plan your goal it will be in your best interest and if you don’t have a goal you will part of others goal which won’t be always in your best interest. So understanding DDT, being conscious about Self-Destructive mode and making our-self improve as the highest priority very essential for us to move towards progress.

Learn everything that you need about

  1. How DDT is impacting your future?
  2. How can you fine-tune your digital diet?
  3. What kind of activities do you need to practice?
  4. How to turn off your self-destructive mode?
  5. What are all the important aspect, topics, concepts, habits
  6. How to build mindfulness to overcome DDT

All of these steps are very essential and need to be well fed to mind to be able to program your brain so that you can make the best version of yourself with this course Curating Digital Diet On Social Media. The course and the activities are carefully designed by understanding your personality and interests to make sure to give and enable you to be knowledgeable to show progress in your learning curve.

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Main Topics Include:

  1. Activities list to involve yourself in the process of self-improvement
  2. Building Mindfulness towards Destructive Digital Time
  3. Curating Facebook
  4. Curating Twitter
  5. Curating YouTube
  6. Curating Instagram & other social media.