How soft-skills development can change your Professional & Personal life?

To most of us soft-skills are not on the primary list on which we want to work and improve. Soft skills development has been always given the least preference if any in terms of our professional or institutional learning methodology in terms of courses, qualifications, and certifications. How many of us realize that developing soft-skill can significantly improve our way... Read more

Strategic Thinking

How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills by Nina A. Bowman

A Re-Post Article from HBR We all know that developing strategic thinking skills is important, but many don’t realize how critical it is to your career advancement to show these skills to your boss and other senior leaders. Showing strategic thinking skills tells your bosses that you’re able to think for yourself and make decisions that position the organization for the future. It... Read more

How to Demonstrate Your Strategic Thinking Skills – by Nina A. Bowman

We all know that developing strategic thinking skills is important, but many don’t realize how critical it is to your career advancement to show these skills to your boss and other senior leaders. Showing strategic thinking skills tells your bosses that you’re able to think for yourself and make decisions that position the organization for the future. It assures them that you aren’t... Read more

How Professional Courses & Certification Making us Corporate Slaves?

What is slavery? According to the dictionary, it is a condition of a being who is forbidden to quit his or her service for another person in this case entity or company. Although we are not literally forbidden to quit, this is the exact condition of most of the corporate employees today as they are stuck up with their educational... Read more

How Hard Are You Working on Your Soft-Skills?

Every one of us is well aware of the technical skill and domain knowledge that we need to gain to excel in our careers. We are very much interested in learning or taking courses and certifications which help us to get qualified for a job in the industry. However, there are millions out there like us who hold similar certifications... Read more

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Essential Thinking & Analytical Skills to Stand Out of the Crowd

Most of the employers mainly focus on hard skills relevant to the job roles, including candidates' education, technical skill, experience in the domain, and maybe accomplishments. However, they fail to evaluate the candidate on analytical & thinking abilities which actually drives all the remaining hard skills of any candidate. As these thinking & analytical skill are a bit less tangible... Read more

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Is your Self-Destruction Mode “On”​ ? Learn about the”DDT” Effect.​

Time is the only currency that is common to everyone in the world. Everyone has got only 24 hours. Few are able to make millions in those 24 hours and few are struggling to make a penny, few are winning millions of hearts with their work/service and few are struggling to find work. Have you ever seriously wondered about this... Read more

How to deal with Individual Privacy on Social Media

#IndividualsPrivacyfirst#Manipulatebots#Fakethedata EDUCATE YOURSELF – HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA There are many ways tech giants using our personal data. More than 90% of the Revenue is generated by using our personal information by Adverts. We know the fact that, it’s almost impossible for us to stop using these platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp. Its very important for us to... Read more

The Compound Effect by Derren Hardy – Upskillshare book summary

The compound effect by Darren Hardy this book is about building small habits that when compounded with time equate to a radical difference here’s the formula small and smart choices with consistency and time equals radical difference we live in a world today where a lot of people are focused on instant gratification they want results right away the reality... Read more

Daily Rituals by Mason Currey – Upskillshare book summary

A wonderful book on Daily Rituals by Mason Curry covers most famous artists in the world. So this is subtitled how artists work and what we’re going to be going over is the rituals that daily routines of all these amazing artists. If you’re someone who struggles with routine struggles with creating things struggles with being able to be productive... Read more

Tom Hopkins

Tom Hopkin’s Techniques to Master the art of selling

Selling is one of the great art what everyone has to be trained on. Unfortunately, we have no academic subject which covers this topic as the skill of selling will be used by everyone of us in one or the other phase of life in fact multiple time in our personal life and professional career. Here were going to see... Read more

Dr. Andrew Huberman

How does our Brain Function? by Dr. Andrew Huberman

It’s very important for every one of us to understand how our brain works to be able to effectively use it and be more productive. Every action that we take that we conduct in our day-to-day life has a beginning in our brain. So let’s see what are the possible ways of tuning our brain to be more effective creative... Read more

My pledge to self, my country and the world for future

These are my heartfelt emotional thoughts to write a pledge to my self, country and the world on the occasion of Indian Independence day 2020. I am an Indian who grew up in the southern part of India studied in a Govt. High School where we participate in praying to the nation and pledge which is a part of every... Read more

Improve Creativity with “The Why Not?” Theory

Creative Thinking Creative thinking is a process that expands beyond our regular norms and tries to come up with an effective solution to a problem with imagination, which is why we call it Thinking out of the box. There needs to be intentional efforts in breaking the regular thinking framework and structure and be open to exploring other possibilities. The... Read more

How to Master Critical Thinking?

“Human can never do what he doesn't think, The irony is that he never thinks about what he are not thinking of” Creativity and thoughtfulness are the results of imagination or original ideas to create something. To learn about creativity we need to understand the process of thinking and other aspects around it. The process of thinking results in decision... Read more

Purpose of Education for Human Education

Purpose of Education For Human Evaluation

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash Snippet: — — — — — — How many of us are educated to “know thyself” in schools or colleges? Dr Radhakrishnan has rightly said that: “A civilisation is not built of bricks, steel and machinery, it is built with men, their quality and character”. So the real aim of education is to develop... Read more

Psychological Facts to Improve Learning Ability

Photo by Green Chameleon for Unsplash ——— Snippets: How our memory acquires information is that a limited amount of sensory information through touch, visual, auditory, etc., is temporarily held in short-term memoryShort-term memory has restricted capacity for performing a limited amount of information or for organising possible connections between and within information patterns which limits learner ability. ———- Learning is... Read more

Self Improvement Program by upskillshare.com

What should be “The New Normal” for Education?

Snippet: I would like to introduce to a thought experiment that if the entire humanity is a part of an army working for one organisation who are supposed to make our world better in dealing with attacks from other planets. If schooling and college education is the training period after joining the job, imagine 70%+ Army of this organisation are... Read more

The World is not only for “Humans”. It is for other species too…

Hope all of you are safe and sound at home during this COVID-19 Pandamic. Please "Stay Home & Stay Safe". Request you to share this within your network and spread the word, if you like the proposal. Highlight: "On this, I want to make a proposal through Upskillshare, although there is a huge impact on industries, I think entire humanity should... Read more

Secret of "Learning"

Do you know that you possess “Superpowers”?

"According to Wikipedia, “Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing, knowledge, behavior, skills, values or preferences. The ability to learn is possessed by humans, animals and some machines. There is also evidence for some kind of learning in certain plants”. The saddest thing is that we are living in a society that is so busy in its... Read more

How to Use Facebook to Help you to “Grow” in your “Career” or in “Personal Life”

We love Facebook, isn’t it? Almost everyone has an answer to this as a “yes”. It is one of the greatest creations in the 20th century connecting the world together and make it as if it is just a matter of simple application on our phones. There are so many advantages of Facebook supporting different topics, tools, and causes helping... Read more

Imperfection is 100% “OK” – Start Getting Better at anything with regular Practice

Imperfection is 100% "OK" - Start Getting Better at anything with regular Practice Stop worrying about how it'll be & what people might think after joining UpSkillShare. You don't have to be perfect. No one is "Perfect at "Anything" Everyone is a learner, we must help each other to motivate and grow together. As long as you enjoy the process,... Read more

How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution

How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution As mentioned in a few other articles, our smart phones / apps/ social networking have become few of the major things of our lives. We can’t imagine living without smart phones or social networking, especially for millennial. The current generation is empowered with many advantages with technology being able to:... Read more

"Social Networking" should be "Controlled" and "Productive" to us not to Social Media Owners.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash This has become a serious concern in the current age. We are in the digital age, but all the people born around or before 80’s know how life was in olden days. Listening to radio or watching TV, waiting for some awesome programmes that we love on TV. Watch it on time and go... Read more

active learning

How "Active Learning" can Improve your Productivity?

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash “Active learning” is a process that makes a learner to get involved in the concept of learning/practicing continuously. It is considered to be the most effective process as it actively engages the learners instead of making them as passive learners. Reading, writing, discussing, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, etc all allow the learners to take a... Read more


UpSkillShare.com trying to prove "Social Networking" can also be "Productive" without Noise of useless content wasting our valuable time.

Our motto is to build a community which talks and acts about only progress on any chosen topic or task. No unnecessary entertainment videos of animals / prank videos / music videos etc., The current social networking has become our big “TIME EATING MONSTER” in everyone’s life. We are so much addicted to them and we don't even realize the harm... Read more

Basics to learn

Important Basics “Not taught in our Schooling”

School days are the best days of almost everyone. Those days are filled with very cheerful and memorable moments for most of us. Just by a thought of those days will bring a smile on our faces. Except for the examination, we don’t have to think of anything else.. Everything is arranged for us by someone. Adults around us including... Read more

Stop by step guide to be become a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning engineer

Step by step guide for beginners to become a " Data Scientist" or a " Machine Learning Engineer"

Beginner's Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists or Machine Learning Engineers Considering this is a vast course, it would be better if we can get our basic understanding of the concepts right. So here we will discuss the basic steps that one can easily follow with the path shown here which will be much more easier than any other path that... Read more

Complete list of Data Science Material

Complete List of Essential Resources for Data Science and Machine Learning

List of Essential Data Science and Machine Learning Resources First of all, it is great that you thought of checking some informative Data science and Machine learning resource collection. However, there are some courses online that ask you to pay thousands of dollars as a fee for the course. You must be wise to choose which course you are paying... Read more

Top 3 Resources for Data Science & Machine Learning

Top 3 Data Science and Machine Learning Resources for 2020

Top Data Science & Machine Learning Resources - For 2020 If you are aspiring to be a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer in 2020, you are in the right place. The Journey towards Data Science/Machine Learning is not an easy task however, it is not impossible. You have to be ready for an Intense Hustle to become a... Read more

The Inspiration Video – UpskillShare.Com

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8lQIK3Qn6A Be a Part of "Productive Network" and pursue your goal with co-learner and experts. Be it Skill Development (Preparation for a certification or Learning a new skill for your Career development)Practicing hobby or interests(Art/Music/Dance/Sports)Practicing any regular personal care (Gym,Meditation,Yoga) If your serious about your goal from one of the above, Join the network with a motive and Just avoid... Read more

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UpSkillShare – Your Mentor & Tracker of Consistency

We all are busy in our life with our current occupation. However, everyone is looking for progress and we keep thinking about a better tomorrow. That betterment will come only when there is enough effort that is being invested in the direction of our goals. I would like to compare an Individual with any organization. Let’s understand, Why the organization is... Read more

Need of Free "Personal Project" Consultation

“We are talking about goals which you want to pursue and achieve along with your current occupation or lifestyle” We are sure that many of us set goal or new year resolutions for yourself and was not able to pursue as planned. Many of us are fickle minds and we think of concentrating on a task to complete by some... Read more

Successful Entrepreneur's Formula

Success is different for everyone, as it depends on every individual’s goals. Most importantly, Success is a journey and, for many, its an art.  Before we talk about the formula, let’s talk about some of the common goals of our lives. When we were Students, our goal was to get good grades and be toppers. When we start working and earning,... Read more

UpSkillShare – How it works?

How does UpSkillShare work? Well, you will get a clear idea of that in the infographic in which the process is explained in easy-to-understand steps. For more information click on the Whats-app Icon and talk to us. Launch your Personal Project Here...

Intro to UpSkillShare

Hello My Dear Friend, Thank you for visiting UpSkillShare Page...! I am very much excited to have you here. I promise to share some amazing stuff in this blog. My Name is Kiran KV. You can Click here if you want to know more about me. Considering the fact that I love Digital Space Internet, Data, and Analysis, I started... Read more