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How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution

How to Make Social Networking Productive in 2020 New year Resolution As mentioned in a few other articles, our smart phones / apps/ social networking have become few of the major things of our lives. We can’t imagine living without smart phones or social networking, especially for millennial. The current generation is empowered with many advantages... Read more

active learning

How "Active Learning" can Improve your Productivity?

Photo by Ksenia Makagonova on Unsplash “Active learning” is a process that makes a learner to get involved in the concept of learning/practicing continuously. It is considered to be the most effective process as it actively engages the learners instead of making them as passive learners. Reading, writing, discussing, knowledge sharing, brainstorming, etc all allow... Read more


UpSkillShare.com trying to prove "Social Networking" can also be "Productive" without Noise of useless content wasting our valuable time.

Our motto is to build a community which talks and acts about only progress on any chosen topic or task. No unnecessary entertainment videos of animals / prank videos / music videos etc., The current social networking has become our big “TIME EATING MONSTER” in everyone’s life. We are so much addicted to them and we... Read more

Basics to learn

Important Basics “Not taught in our Schooling”

School days are the best days of almost everyone. Those days are filled with very cheerful and memorable moments for most of us. Just by a thought of those days will bring a smile on our faces. Except for the examination, we don’t have to think of anything else.. Everything is arranged for us by... Read more

Top 3 Resources for Data Science & Machine Learning

Top 3 Data Science and Machine Learning Resources for 2020

Top Data Science & Machine Learning Resources - For 2020 If you are aspiring to be a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer in 2020, you are in the right place. The Journey towards Data Science/Machine Learning is not an easy task however, it is not impossible. You have to be ready for an... Read more