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An Exclusive Social Networking Platform for  anyone who is in the process of learning and upskilling for better career opportunities or for self development, be it a Students or a Professionals to Up-Skill & Grow to connect with Co-Learners and Track the progress.

UpskillShare – “The Social Learning Journal” An Exclusive Social Networking Platform for “Learners”. Every one of us is a “Learner” in our journey of life no matter whether you are a student or working professional striving to learn something to reach your next goal in life. The goals of UpSkillShare is to enhance the experience of learning while being social. 

We are very much influenced by social networking with today’s technology advancement and reached to masses resulting a digital addiction which is affecting our productivity and thoughtfulness to a great extent. Technology is supposed to and could help our life to enhance and reach our goals by expanding our exposure and knowledge resulting wisdom instead almost all the platforms in social media that we very much addicted are being the reason for aiming inappropriate goals (like glamour & following). 

Every platform has a great knowledge to offer like Youtube, Facebook etc., However, they do have a lot of distracting content which enables us to deviate from our purpose and the social discussion on social media are not  helping enough in our intellectual growth. It is a concept of research based on a theory called Social learning is based on a theory developed by psychologist Albert Bandura that proposes learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and occurs purely through observation or direct instruction, even in the absence of motor reproduction or direct reinforcement. This is a proven concept

Research Study 1 : Abstract: Online social networking has deeply penetrated university campuses, influencing multiple aspects of student life. We investigate the impacts of individual online social networking engagement (e.g., on Facebook) from a pedagogical standpoint. Based on social learning theory, we argue that two socialization processes, social acceptance and acculturation, bridge individual online social networking engagement with three domains of social learning outcomes. Results from a survey accompanied by focus group discussions demonstrate the substantial impacts of university student online social networking engagement on social learning processes and outcomes. Online social networking not only directly influences university students’ learning outcomes but also helps the students attain social acceptance from others and adapt to university culture, both of which play prominent roles in improving their learning outcomes.

Research Study 2 : Abstract: A Personal Learning Environment or PLE is a potentially promising pedagogical approach for both integrating formal and informal learning using social media and supporting student self-regulated learning in higher education contexts. The purpose of this paper is to (a) review research that supports this claim, (b) conceptualize the connection between PLE, social media, and self-regulated learning, and (c) provide a three-level pedagogical framework for using social media to create PLEs that support student selfregulated learning. Implications for future research in this area are provided.

The Idea of UpSkillShare is to focus on only learning and upgrading our skill and intelligence with no distractions by creating a curated content on many-core topics & Share while avoiding content on Glamour, Entertainment, Politics and Religion.

To share only the progress of their learning for that day. As I am fed up with these social networking platforms not really helping us to grow, instead they have become a hurdle on top of platforms like Netflix making our worst Digital Diet. I strongly feel someone liking “what I learned or practised for the day” is much better than “someone liking my picture” which helps me to be focused on the UpSkill efforts and connect with co-learners giving us a healthy competition to continue our learning journey. This is because all of the social media platforms are designed in such a way that we are spending more and more time everyday without our realization and wasting our valuable time.

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